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  • Shoot me a pm, I'm the guy looking for petiolaris complex dews. I'm on my phone and having trouble finding the private message button.
    I just sent your package this morning (Monday). There's a message on proboards with your package tracking number. (yes, I know: redundant, lol. It's just that I noticed you hadn't read the message so I thought I should try here, as you seem to frequent terraforums more often)
    I left you a little something to see in the chat box to look at when you get a chance. :awesome:
    Thanks! You should really make more backgrounds, I love the UG one, using one of them currently. :p
    LOLZ my favorite is thermodynamics/statmech books where the one question that if you get it answered as an example will enable you to understand the whole chapter and do all the homework... they get it almost done then write 'the rest of this problem is left as an exercise to the reader'. I need to go through all the books with one of those troll-face stamps :lol:
    Haha no sweat. I just felt like giving you a hard time and it seemed appropriate given the rageface.
    i see you also live in the south bay, would you happen to know where i can get silica or quartz sand? I've tried searching the forums and googling local suppliers to no avail.
    hi amphirion, I thought your name looked familiar, youre on aquariacentral too hehe
    Hey man, I have a small favor to ask of you. Could you send Li a PM for me? I can't long into MFK or AC, so I need my passwords reset. I have some new sculpture pieces and fish to share with everyone.

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