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grey furry weblike stuff on my nep soil

I have some kind of grey weblike stuff growing on my nep soil. I cant seem to figure out how to post a pic, or I would.
I would describe it as if tiny spiders were spinning very dense webs across my moss. I don't Know what it is, but fungicide wont kill it. I blast it away with water and it comes back.

Does anyone know what this is and how to get rid of it?

Spider mites? I dont know for sure, you're prolly better off asking someone more experienced. :p
no not mites but thanks for the reply. grey cotton would be another good description.
I agree, it looks like a fungus, but I sprayed it with zyban, and it was not fazed.. So I figure it's either indestructable, or it's not a fungus. Also there are no little spores or anything on the furry cotton candy looking stuff. I am stumped so I am coming to the experts here for help.
It is possible it's just a spider... I have a few living in some of my nep pots and pitchers and they spin their webs over openings in the moss/soil