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Possibly dangerous mold.......

I have had my little Cephalotus for a month now and am starting to introduce lower humidity but have had some sort of mold growing on the soil and even with fungicide has continued to grow on the surface of the soil and am not waiting to see if it is harmful, Could someone identify the mold and how to best treat it? Thanks in advance.......



The surface that is most heavily infested with the mold (directly beneath the plant) was some moist sphagnum moss but since arriving has been breaking down due to the molds presents.
My trick for getting rid of mold... Just spray down with a spray bottle until it dissolves. I've gotten it in my sphagnum cultures, in Nepenthes pots, ect. Just keep dissolving it until it goes away. I know I'm probably going to be told that is the wrong way to do it because it will like drain into the soil and get on the roots or something, but hey, it worked for me, so... ???

One thing I learned from keeping fish tanks... You don't want to just keep applying the same cure to a problem. If you have algae, you don't want to do manual removal every day, you want to test the water, figure out what is causing the algae, then cut the algae off at the source (say by cutting back on feedings to lower phosphates)... So what causes mold? Stagnant, wet places. You want to cut one of those off from it. You don't see mold growing around ponds, do you? It's because there is wind, air flow. What you'll have to do to get rid of your mold THE RIGHT WAY is add air flow to the area. If it is a terrarium, add a computer fan inside. It would be completely sealed off, so high humidity, but at the same time there would be good air flow. :)

Thanks will look into... already have a fan but will re position to help. Also am currently adding a stronger light source still artificial but even stronger....
For now I would personally use a moist paper towel (with distilled water) and wipe the mold off so it doesn't progress. Then you can see if it comes back.