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Ceph advice


This is how I've been growing this plant that I got at the 2013 NECPS show.

I noticed it had a white cottony thing on it and i immediately pulled it off and squashed it without finding out what it was. Here is what was left.

It went from the leaf to the pitcher. Any ideas what I might be? I sprayed with Garden Safe Fungicide3 in case it's fungus.
I was hoping maybe my little Ceph was feeding itself a mealy bug! Should I cut the leaf and pitcher off and throw they away or clean them and try rooting them? What should I do?

I decided to take some leaves and try rooting them in the same live Sphagnum it's growing in. I removed some of the moss after reading that it could smother the plant. This is what I have left.
its hard to tell what it is from the photo. are you thinking it was fungus, or a cocoon of some sort?

other than that is looks good. you might be keeping it more on the wet side.
i have no idea what the fuzzy thing was but it also looks like it needs more light.