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U. longifolia fungus


I hate bugs. Carnivorous plants get me.
I recently got some U. longifolia but there seems to be a bit of white, fuzzy fungus developing along the surface of the media. It's currently planted in some LFS, although it came with peat around the roots. Temp ranges from 68-80F depending on the time of the day. Humidity usually 50-70%. I run a ceiling fan (it's on a grow shelf) pretty much 24/7 so there's some decent circulation in the room but I can add a small fan blowing across the shelf if needed.

What should I do to keep this from spreading? Mostly worried about it taking over my adjacent dews. I was under the impression that this type of Utric likes its feet wet but maybe it's too wet? Thanks in advance!

Anyone...? I have no experience using fungicides before. Also read about using Neem but very unsure whether that is applicable or safe in this instance.
Neem oil is pretty safe in most situations. As long as you dilute it properly (i.e. follow the directions on the bottle) you should be fine. As far as preventing it from returning- how far is it from the lights? Putting it closer might help. And, yes, of course, increasing the air circulation is also a good idea. Do you ever let the water in the tray dry up? You could try to let it get a little drier to weaken the fungus, but not to upset the Utricularia too much.

Anyone with more experience of course should correct
I'd say the tops of the pots are about 6" or less from the light source (4 bulb T5HO). I don't want to raise it much closer since there are some taller dews (binata, filiformis 'red'). This individual is kind of on the outskirts of the group so it gets less light but probably more air flow.

I usually dont let the trays dry out, but recently I switched to deeper pots and LFS media. The LFS certainly holds a lot of water, as it doesn't seem like I'm losing much from my trays, but I was worried that the roots may still not have much access being further from the standing water. So maybe this is a sign that things are too wet.

I may give the Neem a try then and see if more air circulation helps.