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  1. M

    Good starter CP's for TC?

    For a while now, I've been wanting to do a bit of tissue culture. I'm still organizing information and supplies, but I realized I had no idea what to TC. I don't want to buy some expensive material and fail, and I don't have a very extensive plant collection. I am wondering, you jelly people...
  2. T

    Amorphophallus is this normal?

    Hi I opened the door to the greenhouse this morning and first thing I noticed was a horrible smell I was looking around for a dead rat or something and then I noticed this Is this how this flower starts out or was this alittle premature? It seems really small and has already opened up.Iam...
  3. AnIsleAteHer

    Pest ID

    Hey guys, I was hoping you could help me ID these pests from my horrible pictures. I've had fungus gnats for a while and I associated these buggers with them but I wanted to make sure. I'm germinating my first nep seeds and I want to keep them as safe as possible. I can try to get better pics...
  4. gre4pr

    Hello from Karnak, IL

    Hello, My name is Chris Duncan and I have been growing carnivorous plants for 5 years now. After a few deaths with the recent horrible winters I have actually gotten good at this. So far I have tried my hand at Flytraps, Nepenthes (lowland, highland, and hybrids), sarracenia, drosera(only...
  5. Satanas

    Help: Lights and just about everything else

    I currently have a terrarium setup for highland nepenthes. Everything grows really well for the most part. Although I do not use electronic AC, I think I should get into it (later here). I have various highland plants, however I can confirm that even some of the pickiest plants are doing well...
  6. mmlr38

    Some really bad news

    This is absolutely horrible news, but I wanted to share it with members here in case any of you knew him. I apologize if this has already been posted somewhere or if this isn't the place to post it (moderators please move/remove it if so). Last night I received an email from someone asking if...
  7. Sashoke

    Red Nepenthes?

    I have had this N. ventricosa (arist x thorelli) for a long time now, about 7-8 months. I originally got it from Paul as a generous gift, and when I first got it, it was green like its sibling. However during acclimation it soon turned cherry red, and I thought it was just horrible sunburn, as...
  8. K

    Why is this happening? Help

    Came home from work and I see this the most horrible things ever!! :( idk if this is normal but I've never seen them like this before.. The only thing I did different was try a diluted maxsea fertilizer.. These are the only two looking bad. The rest of my plants are very happy!! Could it be the...
  9. RL7836

    Growing U. mannii

    While this species is now available in Europe, there still aren't that many people growing it. I thought it would be a good idea to start this thread to pool whatever info we have & hopefully make it easier for all growers to be successful. Observations - (would be nice if someone who has...
  10. NemJones

    Rotten Rainwater

    Hey guys, so Ive had a very large surplus of rainwater this year. In the previous years, there was never much of a problem with it, but this year the water is... different. Every time I open a container it smells horrible. Like vomit mixed with rotting flesh then thrown into a bog. The rain...
  11. Oregoncp

    Oregoncp's 10x12 Harbor freight greenhouse adventures

    Let me proceed this by saying I am a horrible forum poster. But I am going to give this a go, to chronicle my new 10x12HFGH. I have wanted a greenhoing use for years (probably close to 12). I have always been held back by a lack of usable space to install a GH. About a week ago I finally...
  12. amphirion

    pu-pu-ping-ping-ping-ping power!

    (sing with the old spice jingle) my project ping rock is kind of coming along (too many pots, decided to put them all on a rock to save room)... moss needs to grow everywhere so the loose sand and peat doesnt fall off, but otherwise i guess everything is doing alright. wanted to share some pics...
  13. J

    Drosera Adelae, The Trouble with Yellow Pots

    Well, I learned a valuable lesson. I finally got around to repotting (really controlling) my drosera adelae. It's coming up on three years now and this is the second repotting I've done. Louisiana summer heat was scorching the leaves so I moved it inside after it stopped producing dew. The older...
  14. Cthulhu138

    Ugly Plants.........Post Your Abominations Here

    Once in a while you end up with a plant with less than desirable characteristics. Once in a while you get a plant that is just plain horrible looking. Here's my disaster of a plant, a N. spathulata x aristolochioides......these pitchers are not in cramped conditions, they just develop this...
  15. Ohio7

    Should I wake them up

    I haven't checked my plants in awhile, I checked them today and the soil was dry and pots were really light. The plants look horrible I think I killed them. Should I water them and put them under lights or just water and keep them dormant? Thanks
  16. N

    Big Storm

    Hope all our fellow members back east are doing alright considering this horrible storm that hit them.
  17. JMN16150

    Do carnivorous plant flowers smell???

    Some people say that since they eat bugs, they smell horrible. Other people say they smell good(depending on species). Another group of people say they smell good all together. So what is it??? I know that a lot of carnivorous plant flowers don't have a scent, but what is your take on this XD...
  18. That One Guy

    I gots a terrarium!! :-D

    I know the tank is small but its all I have for now. This includes a tank, 24 inch light, repti fogger, thermometer/humidity guage thingy, and some aluminum foil at the top to prevent humidity from escaping. I still need to get a fan or two. Sorry for my horrible photography. Side view...
  19. That One Guy

    Indoor CP's Update

    A little update on my indoor carnivorous plants. The outdoor ones arent doing so good. Enjoy! Sorry for my horrible camera D. Capensis You guys might remember those neps I got at the local orchid shop. Tentac is doing good. Cool deformed pitcher :p Cant tell how the Burbidgeae X...
  20. jrmc114064

    My Gold Fish Tank (Sarcasm)

    Here is my 300 gallon tanks that I have had for about four years. It is 7ft long, 30 in wide, and 2ft tall. First off, my Dovii, a wolf cichlid from Nicaragua. He is about four years old. Then my Clown Loaches who are about six years old, there are four and use the rocks as hiding space...