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Hello, My name is Chris Duncan and I have been growing carnivorous plants for 5 years now. After a few deaths with the recent horrible winters I have actually gotten good at this. So far I have tried my hand at Flytraps, Nepenthes (lowland, highland, and hybrids), sarracenia, drosera(only capensis), and pinguicula primufloria(horrible experience) and moctezumae. My main hardships haven't really been conditions or weather even though i Grow them as houseplants during the winter. My dog seems to love my plants as much as the bugs. In one sitting she ate 9 flytraps(thankfully typical), Ping moctezumae, and my N. Sanguinea. My growlist now consists of S. Rosea, S. Leucophylla "tarnok", S. minor & "okee giant) N. Miranda, N. Rebecca Soper, N.Ventricosa, and N. Hookeriana. Also I was curious if I breed my two okee giants will they produce true giant seeds? If not then cross breeding will resume.
Welcome to TF!
Welcome to TF!
Thanks hope to be able to learn a lot from everyone. After all these plants did help me decide my career path.

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