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  1. Rachel8T4

    Lots of New Flytraps to Love!

    Yesterday I finally received my online order of CPs, which was super exciting since there is not much available locally. I did a joint order with my Aunty and also purchased a few plants for my Nana who is super keen to make a mini bog garden of her own. Waiting for Australia post really does...
  2. S

    Refrigerator Dormancy Necessary for my Flytraps?

    This year I planted my first CP bog terrarium in many years, and I've been really pleased with the results. I wasn't terribly confident based on all the warnings you find online regarding the suitability of CPs for terrarium life, but after a little experimentation with lighting and the level of...
  3. adnedarn

    WTB: Looking for Venus Flytrap expansion pack!

    WTB: Looking for Venus Flytrap expansion pack! Sadly I don't have many varieties of flytraps and I would like to fix that. I don't really want to pick up one flytrap here and one there, I would rather do... maybe a minimum of 4, but I could definitely take a much larger selection if you have...
  4. G

    New to Terraforums

    I have been collecting and growing carnivorous plants for 10 years. Have the usual fllytraps, pitchers and sundews. I'm in Ohio but if the Zika virus get here my flytraps and I are ready!!!
  5. Smooter80

    Smooter80's grow list

    Smooter80's grow list updated 11/25/15 New arrivals 5-23 Nepenthes burbidgeae x trusmadiensis EP SG ephippiata SG inermis SG jamban SG lowii x veitchii (k) EP SG lowii x Sabre Dark Cherry EP SG talangensis x mira 4-3 Heliamphora chimantensis Chimanta Tepui AW elongata Ilu Tepui AW...
  6. SDCPs

    Bulk Seeds for CP books and DVD

    Hello all, I have the following books and dvd for trade. I'm looking for large quantities of seeds in return. Sarracenia, drosera, vft, nepenthes...whatever. PM me if you'd like to trade! I might not go for D. capensis...LOL *Grow Carnivorous Plants Volume 1: Venus Flytraps Can Grow Outside...
  7. ps3isawesome

    Help! why did one of my regia died?

    I'm not sure why the big one died while the little one is still alive? Could it be a lack of food? I notice they catch some insects but not a lot. They have to compete amongst flytraps, sarracenias, and other drosera for food. Thanks!
  8. J

    Care Questions

    Hi, i was looking at buying a few plants next week, and I'd like to try a Venus flytrap again, as the one i had last year did not do well(too little light I'm thinking). This year I know more about what im doing and im ready to give it another shot, but i have a few questions.... 1) Light- my...
  9. Acro

    VFT Correctly Potted?

    After many years of not having any Venus Flytraps, I am attempting them again. I recently setup two plants, a B-52 and a DC XL. The DC XL came in bad shape and has been struggling (see the story and photos in this link...
  10. N

    *PAID* Dionaea muscipula "Cross Teeth" & "BCP Z11" (JBL $22)

    (2) young Venus Flytraps will be sent bare root to the winner. I've had these potted up in 2x3" posts for 6 weeks indoors under T8 lights. They are not hardened off yet for the outdoors. (I live in Wisconsin and spring hasn't sprung yet :-( ) Both are cloned divisions from my mature plants...
  11. Ozzy

    *PAID* Pair of Flytraps (aerogrower $5)

    Up for auction 2 small flytraps fresh out of tissue culture. Bidding starts at $5 Shipping is $5 paid by winner.
  12. Acro

    Trade: Nepenthes for Venus Flytraps

    I have a beautiful Nep for trade. I got it from one of our Terraforums members a while ago, and it's getting too big for my little space. It is a complex cross: N. (maxima x ?) x (fusca x ?) . Right now, it produces pitchers that are about 2 inches in size, but each leaf gets bigger and...
  13. gre4pr

    Hello from Karnak, IL

    Hello, My name is Chris Duncan and I have been growing carnivorous plants for 5 years now. After a few deaths with the recent horrible winters I have actually gotten good at this. So far I have tried my hand at Flytraps, Nepenthes (lowland, highland, and hybrids), sarracenia, drosera(only...
  14. masonix

    Is it time to repot my Sarracenia?

    Hi, I'm pretty new here! I bought a bag of soil, and i have dried Sphagnum moss, not live but blocks that swell as crazy when i wet them. I'm thinking, my Sarracenia which i have had for about 4 weeks seems to be a bit big for it's pot. Is it ok, or should i repot it into a bigger one, i...
  15. Doomsday

    Doomsday's Trading Station

    Hey, guys. Rather than post for each individual plant, or every time I have/want something new, I figured doing all of my trading in one the place would make things easier to keep track of, for everybody. Haves: Dionaea Muscipula (Venus Flytraps): "FTS Crimson Sawtooth" Drosera (Sundews): D...
  16. Francisco S.

    Complete CP Grow List!

    Hello everyone, this is what I currently have growing at Riverside Carnivores! I have included the links where I purchased from. CARNIVOROUS PLANT COLLECTION! SARRACENIA: 1. Minor (damonnorman999 on eBay) 2. Red Bug (carnivorousplantshop on eBay) 3. Love Bug (damonnorman999 on eBay) 4...
  17. adnedarn

    FlyTrapShop VFT sale!

    Hello! You will find that bare root VFTs are on sale through Wednesday 12/2/2015! It may extend past that, but no promises, so you if you want some, get some! (Typical and 'Dentate Traps not included) They are about as dormant as they get in my care, here are VFT 'Akai Ryu' as an example of...
  18. viking

    Viking grow list

    Venus Flytraps King Henry Typical Big mouth WIP slim snapper Bristle tooth Korean melody shark Dentae Vft Seedllings crosses Mirror x B52 Wally x DCXL Crosstooth x B52 B52 x moon Trap B52 x dcxl Long red fingers x dcxl Crimson sawtooth x maroon monster 1955 x b52 (B52 x big mouth) x dcxl...
  19. K

    saw this and just kept shaking my head....

    Its kinda sad to me that anyone would do this let alone BELEIVE That this could even be possible.. MY BEST FLY TRAP EATS MY TOUNGE AND DRAWS BLOOD!!…: MY BEST FLY TRAP EATS MY TOUNGE AND DRAWS BLOOD!! GROSS!! - YouTube Someone actually wrote a thing on it using this video as TRUTH in the...
  20. C

    Sphagnum moss grows too tall.

    All the sphagnum in my bog keeps trying to eat my venus flytraps and sundews. The Sarrs and orchids are too tall for it, but everything else seems to be fair game. There's also a lot of bladderworts that got there somehow, and I'm really worried about them because they're really short as far as...