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  • Glad you were able to make it up to the LACPS meeting and got to meet Ivan Snyder as well as some of the other TerraForums people too.
    will not let me mail you. If you have seed left, I have a plantlet of P. Moctezumae X kohres.
    The P. gigantea is just about ready to be sent your way. It formed its first root and is about a quarter of an inch across.
    Transplant shock? NEVER! D. Venusta doesn't waste its time that's for sure. One of my favorite dews!
    Ian - thanks again for the great trades. My collection went from 0-60 in no time flat. So happy about it! The D. venusta will soon be my favorite dew, I'm sure. This thing is growing like crazy already. Transplant shock? HA!
    Ian, Nice Trade! VERY nice plants! Thanks for everything, and I hope to do a trade with you again in the spring perhaps. I still need to find some D.Rotund's for my outdoor bog, but all the plants you sent really add to my collection! Thanks also for letting me know about the one plant you sent, as it has helped me to rectify the situation completely. I am glad to hear that the plants I sent you are doing fine. Hope you enjoy all the supplies too. Thanks again for a nice trade!
    Both! Just different times of the year is all ;)

    I'm telling you the truth. I was lucky to get my avatar picture from the plant.
    I have now recived three sets of seeds from Ian and am always happy with them. Ian has sent many more seeds then I was expecting everytime. He is very open to helping out new people to get into the hobby and is a wealth if information on the plants that he grows. This hobby needs more people like Ian.
    thanks so much for all the cuttings. it is really going to help me move my collection along. and it arrived after only 2 days. thanks kgrudz
    Hey Ian

    I'm not sure, Ivan didn't have the location labeled. Could be Seminole, Polk or Pasco Co. FL. Best leave them as unspecified until I can ask Ivan. They might even be mixed from the counties.

    Happy Growing!
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