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Big Storm

Hope all our fellow members back east are doing alright considering this horrible storm that hit them.
Me too. I've noticed a few websites down due to the storm.
Well it was going to happen sooner or later but i hope they will be fine. Its a sad fact that if they world keeps going on like it is now we can expect more frankenstorms and possibly even hypercanes to start forming
Yep, I am starting to believe that you might be right about that kevnep. That storm looked like a frankenstorm to me.....Geeez, I would hate to see hypercanes hitting the east. That would indeed be horrible.
Im wondering if frankenstorm cant be classified as a low level hypercane because of its enormous size
There are two different theories and one states that hypercanes may get as large as an entire continent, not sure if than theory has them go high up into the atmosphere.

Anyway does anyone have pics of it?
Pics of Sandy? I saw some "wicked looking" satellight pics on the news....One thing that is interesting to me is that some news agencies call it a hurrican and others call it a "Superstorm". If Sandy wasn't a hurrican before it hit the east coast it sure did damage like it was....I think "Superstorm" fits. But I also think "Frankenstorm" would fit too....especially if it was caused by us in some way...ie global warming,....ect? Hypercanes bring these storms to a whole new deadly level which makes me very happy that I live in Seattle. We don't get very many violent storms here (knock on wood).
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