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I gots a terrarium!! :-D

I know the tank is small but its all I have for now. This includes a tank, 24 inch light, repti fogger, thermometer/humidity guage thingy, and some aluminum foil at the top to prevent humidity from escaping. I still need to get a fan or two. Sorry for my horrible photography.



Side view


Any advice, comments, constructive critism? :D
Probably shouldn't have the water filled humidifier sitting on the electrical lamp. :lol:

Temps may climb in an enclosed space but if they are all Lowland Neps they will be just fine.
Based on the first pic:

Back row: N. Tentaculata 'Murud', Linoflora seeds, N. Truncata
Front row. Sphagnum moss, N. Burbidgeae x Edwardsiana that im thinking about trading away
looks good , but do be careful with the water and electricity:-(, im wondering what neps you have in there.
it exciting to get the first tank going .
good luck im sure youll work out the details, in no time .:-D
I would try and find a different temp and humidity gauge that has a probe because i've gone through two of that exact same gauge. They don't last long in high humidity unfortunately.
I've found that raising Lowland Nepenthes can be done easily in a terrarium by a windowsill with some clean pea gravel and water in the bottom. The water will evaporate as the sun hits it, and the gravel elevates the plants so they don't get too wet. My lowlands love it. I think it could work with the lamp, too, if you don't have a window. It's just a way to save some electricity.
Nice, those have gotta be some happy neps now that they've got a nicely set up terrarium! :D That's a good looking tentaculata as well, mine's still just a tiny little thing.
Mcmcnair-How long did one last you? :-(

Sundrew-Thanks, i'll take that idea into consideration! :D

Iwest-Yeah I had these guys on the windowsill but now theyre in a terrarium! :p Your tentac isnt tiny haha its a very good size with awesome pitchers
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Only a few months. I bought a gauge with a wired sensor for like $20 at a local hydroponics store. It's called fifth season gardening.
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Nice terrarium, tog!

Is this just gonna be for neps, or are you gonna try growing some other stuffs too, like some dews or a ceph?
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Thanks :D

This isnt just for neps, I will prolly grow other plants in it. I dont think i will be growing any dews in here except for maybe some pygmmies. Dont think im experienced enough to grow a ceph yet haha :p
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I donk know about that, I have heard some people say cephs aren't as tricky as some others claim them to be. The man who owns the CP nursery I went to awhile back said that they are about the same difficulty as dionea to grow. As a matter of fact, I'm thinkin of gettin one myself! What you've got set up there looks perfect for em' in my opinion, if i do ever decide to get myself one, I think I'll try a setup quite like the one you've got goin there for yer neps!
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Nice terrarium!
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Good looking terrarium, TOG. Lots of space in there though, and nature abhors a vacuum.
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Any updates? how are the nepenthes liking the new setup?
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Thanks everyone!! :D Sorry that i've been sorta ignoring you guys

Im thinking about maybe getting a tiny ceph but I really dont know. I kill dionea BTW :lol:

Someone asked for updates?


Repotted my burbeddie. Yesterday marked me having it for a month :)

And I saw a chipmunk for the first time in my life. Sorry for the horrible pics. Could only take 'above' pics cuz I had to be sneaky :p

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lol nice chipmunk. The tank looks great! How are you cooling it?