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My Gold Fish Tank (Sarcasm)

Here is my 300 gallon tanks that I have had for about four years. It is 7ft long, 30 in wide, and 2ft tall.


First off, my Dovii, a wolf cichlid from Nicaragua. He is about four years old.



Then my Clown Loaches who are about six years old, there are four and use the rocks as hiding space from the Dovii who is always looking for a snack.


The Royal Plecostomus, about four years old.


And finally the Texas Cichlid. He was not fond of showing himself to the camera but, we (my father and I) caught it at one of the local lakes.

Sorry about the horrible picture quality, I am not what you call camera savvy.
Ooooh huge fish :0o: I love plecos... they're so cute!
royal panaques are sweet. personally im a bit partial to the L177, but adonis plecos are sweet too. too many to chose from! very nice dovii as well.
Oooohhh, girl, you need some piranhas. :awesome:
Thanks, the plecos are truly my favorite!

Oooohhh, girl, you need some piranhas. :awesome:

Had some at one point but were vicious, died when I moved to Texas. When I had them my hands were always bitten up from when trying to play with them. Good thing they died, they were illegal in Texas anyway.
"Trying to play with them?"

Nice fish...
oh my 300 gal, sweet but omg that's a lot of aquarium.....