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New Greenhouse

I am going to build a new greenhouse later this year as I have run out of room and I want to increase my water pressure.

The old one is rectangle, about 5M long/ 2.8M wide and 2.8M tall, I use misters that run off the house on timers, the house water is from a bore that feeds to a tank then back to the house, I have a few sites picked out at dads place (as I still have a couple years of uni and he is only an hour away).

The new sites are 3M lower, 20M lower and about 8M lower (the 8m is winning so far as it gets a lot of morning sun and little arvo sun).

The greenhouse is for neps, pings, drosera and orchids, not sarra's or ceph as they are happy in the bogs.

The part I want advice on is design, I am thinking of making a 6-8 sided greenhouse as opposed to rectangle again, or maybe square as in the rectangle I have a lot of unused space as the misters struggle to wet everything and hanging plants block a lot of light.

I also have plenty of solid piping in the shed I would like to use this time round, otherwise I will use wood again, the sides/roof will be 50% shade cloth.

So does anyone have any none rectangle greenhouses, if so is it an advantage space/misting wise or is it just more of a hassle to build?