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  1. Rachel8T4

    My Mini Bog Garden

    Hi everyone! First time trying to post pics on here, so hopefully I do it right :-D I created a miniature bog garden for my little CP collection a bit over a month ago and so far it seems to be going really well! I love checking it every morning to see what it has captured out on my balcony. I...
  2. thez_yo

    Field Trip: The South!

    Trip report time! I went on a trip led by the ever adventurous Ozzy, with a couple of the other NASC members (Ozzy being the serving NASC Prez!). We all met up in Alabama, and started the trip with a few S.alata sites in Southeast Mississippi and worked our way East through Southern Alabama...
  3. F

    Tallahassee, FL

    Hi all, I'm heading to Tallahassee for the next few days. I won't have time to wander around the bogs, but does anyone know of a CP nursery there that I should check out? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. H

    ?? 4-season Container Bog

    I have a project in mind for the spring and I wonder about how to set it up. We have a rather small yard with a good deal of shade, but we have a sunny patio area where I would like to situate a container bog. I intend to use a cedar planter box with a pond liner or maybe a plastic stock tank...
  5. H

    ?? Best Sphagnum Growth in Terrarium

    Hi! I'm a new member here. I do not keep any carnivorous plants, but I have several other gardening projects. I wish to build a setup for growing Sphagnum spp. mosses along with a few other acid bog plants in a fish tank enclosure. My current idea is to just to fill the bottom couple of inches...
  6. chibae

    VFT wintering question, very small cupped traps

    Earlier this year I bought and planted a cupped trap VFT in the large bog. It died back and due to various health reasons the bogs have been slightly neglected, I just spent some time cleaning them out and found a small grouping of VFT's clumping less than 2" x 2" near where the cupped traps...
  7. Bonnie

    Mini Orchids for trade

    Looking for Heli's I don't have, HL Neps, or Sarracenias to go in my bogs. Most are very good sized divisions with the exception of a couple of Masdevallias which are 2-6 leaves and the Bulbo's are 2-3 pseudobulbs. I also have a bunch of small epiphytic ferns that are great in terrariums if...
  8. Cthulhu138

    Wanted: Lycopodium inundatum - Bog Club Moss

    Like the title says, I'm looking for some Lycopodium inundatum for the bogs. I had a small amount of it several years ago but I think I accidentally gave it away with some Sarracenia. I have lots to trade if anyone has any available. Thanks.
  9. chibae

    Downside to having a mixed planting of Sarrs

    I have a mixed planting of sarrs in my front bogs. They bloom sequentially which makes it easier when trying to hand pollinate and bag separate species. Right now my purps and flava are finished, the rubra are in full flower and the psittacina and minors are just swelling their flower buds...
  10. Morke

    Sphagnum moss and peat bogs

    Hi everyone. The last couple of days i've been studying (I'm currently finishing my Biology career) and I've realized I'm using a non renewable resource to cultivate plants and i'm helping to destroy the habitat for the same plants i'm cultivating. What the hell? I mean, it's terrible. But I...
  11. theplantman

    Mountain Bogs National Wildlife Refuge is now our newest NWR, protecting many species

    From the USFWS: We'd like to welcome Mountain Bogs National Wildlife Refuge as our newest refuge in North Carolina! It's officially America's 563rd National Wildlife Refuge and will protect some of Appalachia’s rarest places for wildlife. Some of the species Mountain bogs will provide a home for...
  12. chibae

    It's finally spring in the frigid mid-atlantic

    It's finally spring in the frigid mid-atlantic. The bogs are awake and the purps, minors and flava are starting to send up buds. :water: Only one still not are the psitts and the rubras. Been such a lousy spring, till today, that I had to post.
  13. SubRosa

    Bog In A Box - SnapTrap23 $12

    Up for auction is a box containing the following: 1. Multipoint division of Sarracenia 'Lemon' obtained from Meadowview, pic on their website. 2. 3 fans of an unidentified Sisyrhynchium. Could be S. montana or S. californicum. Bloom will tell. 3. Nice division of Hesperantha coccinea. ZA bulb...
  14. yourrealmom

    Sarracenia purpurea - The Griffin $16

    Up for auction is one large division of Sarracenia purpurea. This is a very hardy plant, excellent for ourdoor bogs in cold climates. Winner will pay shipping of $5, restricted to US buyers only. starting bid will be $6
  15. Joseph Clemens

    Reminiscenses of a Sarracenia grower

    In about 1968, when I was living in Westminster, California. I was an avid organic gardener, In the back yard, I had an organic vegetable garden, not very large (about 10' x 40'), but it contained a large variety of plants. I had two bee hives atop a grape arbor. I also kept a rooster in one...
  16. Cthulhu138

    Carnivorous Plants in the Wild - My In Situ Explorations

    I've decided to consolidate all my photos of wild carnivorous plants and other associated flora into 1 thread. So far, I've visited bogs from Maine to Florida, I'm hoping to add a West Coast trip this summer. This 1st bog, an Atlantic White Cedar Bog is almost within Boston city limits. It...
  17. SubRosa

    Free Trash, You Pay Shipping

    In the course of doing fall stuff at the nursery, weeding, dividing, repotting, etc. I was left with a bit of two very nice NA native bog plants which make very nice cp companions in an outdoor temperate bog. I was told to just throw it out, but figured someone would enjoy it, so I'm offering...
  18. J

    bogs in zone 6b

    Hello everyone I want to build a bog in north western Pennsylvania has anyone built on this far north or further. What plants could I put in it I now Venus flytraps won't make it through the winter could smeone help me
  19. SubRosa

    Pretty Weeds

    I figured I'd post a pic of some of the "pretty weeds" that flourish in my bogs, the containers and the in-ground. The red one in the center came as a hitchhiker with a Sarr from Meadowview a few years back. It gets small 5 petal yellow flowers in the summer and turns scarlet in the fall. The...
  20. rakovsky

    Pinguicula Vulgaris prefers alkaline, rocky cliff faces in the USA?

    http://mnfi.anr.msu.edu/abstracts/botany/Pinguicula_vulgaris.pdf http://www.acris.nynhp.org/guide.php?id=9171 In Maine How does this affect how you would grow it domestically?