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Bog In A Box - SnapTrap23 $12

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BS Bulldozer
Up for auction is a box containing the following:
1. Multipoint division of Sarracenia 'Lemon' obtained from Meadowview, pic on their website.
2. 3 fans of an unidentified Sisyrhynchium. Could be S. montana or S. californicum. Bloom will tell.
3. Nice division of Hesperantha coccinea. ZA bulb, zone 7 hardy, likes bog conditions. Scarlet flowers, spreads quickly.
4. Small portion of Cranberry, Vaccinium macrocarpon.
5. Small clump of Cotton Grass, Eriophorum angustifolium.
6. Small clump of Crested Iris, Iris cristata. Spreads rapidly in a full sun bog, and does nicely in woodland conditions as well.

You are bidding on a box containing all of the above. All are suitable for outdoor bogs in zones 7 and higher. Please restrict bids to US only. Shipping on me. Bidding starts at $5.


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Payment received by NASC. Thank you!! :)
Shipped 4/27
This is a reminder to complete this auction. Please update this thread when items have been shipped and received. Thank you!
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Assuming this item has been received. Please PM me if there are any problems.

Auction closed.
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