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bogs in zone 6b

Hello everyone I want to build a bog in north western Pennsylvania has anyone built on this far north or further. What plants could I put in it I now Venus flytraps won't make it through the winter could smeone help me
Hi jwalker! You could definitely make a nice Sarracenia bog in Zone 6b. S. purpurea, S. Flava, and S. rubra can tolerate pretty cold temperatures. If you are able to cover or insulate it in the winter, you could possibly grow Venus flytraps in it too. You can mulch with hay or set up a coldframe. There's quite a few options for cold climates.
I have bogs in Boston. VFT's will make it just fine as well as the vast majority of Sarracenia (I've only had 3 species not make it through the winter). There are also many Drosera you can grow in 6b....intermedia, filiformis, rotundifolia, x anglica, x beleziana, x hybrida, linearis, binata, binata var. dichotoma and x obovata.
I'm in 6b here in Cleveland. The winter is ok it's the long spring.warm cold warm cold. I get early spring rot potential other than that my flytraps make it and almost all the sarracenia are fine too.
Wow I didn't think Sarracenia would make it through the cold thanks for the info I guess I already have some plants to go in then and I never thought about a cold frame
I'm in 6b in the SE part of PA, and my in round bog has Sarrs, VFTs, Orchids, Cranberry and loads of associated plants. They survived with no protection. I also had two half barrels go through last winter above ground with no protection other than being against a south facing brick wall. Lost some orchids, some of the Sarrs were hit pretty hard, but they all survived. A VFT didn't bat an eye.
Lots of native ohio bog in northern zone 6b. They are full of cp's and are thousands of years old. I only worry about some special hybrids and seedlings.... i still wish I live somewhere warmer though. ..
I have one up here in Des Moines, IA (Zone 5). I do cover it in the winter with mulch. VFT, lots of sarracenia....all make it through fine. I think I may have posted some pics in a post several months ago.
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I'm in 6b and I have a couple bogs. My largest bog has sarrs, VFTs, dews, utrics, elephant ears and cannas. A few things were put in this year but the majority were planted last fall. I didnt mulch or cover it over the winter, though I will this year because my leucos were hurt a lil.

Leucophylla Titan/Cronus

Blood Moon

S. flava var atropurpurea x flava var Ornata


Purp heterophylla

S. leucophylla

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I'm farther north (Zone 5). A little mulch goes a long ways.