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Should I wake them up

I haven't checked my plants in awhile, I checked them today and the soil was dry and pots were really light. The plants look horrible I think I killed them. Should I water them and put them under lights or just water and keep them dormant? Thanks
What species are you refering to ? If you're talking about Sarracenia, Dionaea and/or temperate Drosera than you should definitely water them. It may be too early to wake them up in Ohio but you should be careful to never let them dry out during dormancy.
Flytraps and some pitcher plants, Ill try getting some pics when I get home. Thanks for responding
This is my b52 the main one I'm worried about and my cape sundew has white fuzzy crap growing on the base near the dead stuff

Looks like its still alive. I'd keep it dormant and never let it dry out again.
It might die, I've seen flytraps do some crazy recoveries though (especially b52)
You say your Drosera capensis has white fuzzy stuff growing on dead tissue. That grows all the time on the bugs my butterwort catches. You only should worry if the leaves have gone all limp. If that's so, it means your cultivation methods are in error. You must fix them.
This is my sundew.


The B52 is starting to show growth :) Notice all the grass/moss in the other pot, why do some pots get full of it and some don't?


And my Typical thrived through dormancy. Its throwing off two offshoots. Will it harm the plant if I just let it clump or should you split them? Thanks

If your plant is beginning to divide, your first impulse probably would be to separate them, but DON'T!!!!! Wait a few years; let them each develop their own roots. If you do it too soon, you'll have to rip your plants apart and risk both of them to infection and rot. Also, Venus flytraps (like most carnivorous plants) are absolutely fine with clumping and crowding. After all, that's how they end up in nature. I have three medium-sized and about ten or thirteen miniature Drosera spatulata, all growing in a single two-and-a-half-inch plastic pot, doing just fine. The biggest is even making a bunch of flower stalks. Of course, if one of your plants grows really large and smothers some much smaller plants, then that of course is not good. But that isn't happening with you. Probably.

And your plants all look really healthy! ;) (Other than the sundew, no offense intended.)
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