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Rotten Rainwater


I Am the Terror Of the Night!
Hey guys, so Ive had a very large surplus of rainwater this year. In the previous years, there was never much of a problem with
it, but this year the water is... different.

Every time I open a container it smells horrible.
Like vomit mixed with rotting flesh then thrown into a bog. The rain barrel also has this acrid smell.
I dont think its harmful to the plants, as I think it could be extremely small organic matter getting mixed in.
Anyone know about this/had this problem before?
When I clean out my rain barrel the fresh water smells horrible. Like something died and just stagnant nasty smell. After a few weeks and some algae starts growing in the side it ls back to normal. I just assumed it like a fishtank and needs to cycle itself.

Have you made any changes?
Have you made any changes?

Nope. Past year or two it smelled perfectly fine. Every spring we wash it out just to start anew, but this year...
Its like the rotten sacrifice for satan himself spawned up and through the Rainwater.
Is there an entry point where an animal could have got in? Something could have drowned in there.
Is there an entry point where an animal could have got in? Something could have drowned in there.

No possibility at all. Anyways, i can see the bottom with a flash light
Never really have buckets or anything smell up, but I store rainwater in jugs to use and oftentimes older ones end up with a very unpleasant sulfur smell. It doesn't ever seem to do anything to plants, and after a couple days of exposure to oxygen, the hydrogen sulfide that causes the smell dissipates and the microbes producing the stuff are either killed off or heavily cut back.