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Pest ID

Hey guys, I was hoping you could help me ID these pests from my horrible pictures. I've had fungus gnats for a while and I associated these buggers with them but I wanted to make sure. I'm germinating my first nep seeds and I want to keep them as safe as possible. I can try to get better pics later but im afraid they probably wont be much better.


Is this better? It's a Springtail

Thats definitely it! I actually ID'd these in the past but its been so long. Thanks.
If anything springtails will keep your seeds safer since the springtails eat mold. I even started a springtail culture to feed my drosera!
Excellent photo, Fred! One of yours?
I also find springtails extra important with seedlings because they feed them too.
Good luck m8
Look up vivarium supplies you should be able to find some for sale if you really want some.
I've managed to grow the plants for 30+ years without them so I think I'll pass.
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Ok, just a thought.