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Ugly Plants.........Post Your Abominations Here

Once in a while you end up with a plant with less than desirable characteristics. Once in a while you get a plant that is just plain horrible looking.

Here's my disaster of a plant, a N. spathulata x aristolochioides......these pitchers are not in cramped conditions, they just develop this way. Simply awful looking plant......

And it just keeps getting uglier !!!!!

Let's see your worst anomalies and aberrations.
I don't have any ugly crosses to share because I haven't been doing this long enough, but that second picture looks almost sad. The shape of the mouth just looks... like it just learned it was ugly. It made me laugh a bit. Now if only someone with better "art" skills could actually give it googly eyes.. :jester:
Actually didn't think the first two were that horrid, but that 3rd one? Reminded me of a bloated leech or other parasite.
I have no idea how this came about............

Ohhhh, lemme at it, I have some good ones. One in particular is t mine, and personally I think it looks cool. When I get home I'll post a picture. :mwahaha:
so im not really sure what im looking at :lol:
Pokie, looks like you tried to cross a tarantula with a drosera. :0o:
Should I place pictures of a backwards-facing trap and some hilariously weird pitchers?

...I think I will. Soon.
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Oh, darn. I don't have a picture of the funky Nepenthes uploaded to Photobucket.

Well, here's muy own submission: N. 'Miranda' gone risque.

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Your Miranda is trying to be a Rihanna
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lol yes! weird looking plant.
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Jon, Pablo........come on guys.....I know you have some ugly ducklings to contribute.
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Oh, darn. I don't have a picture of the funky Nepenthes uploaded to Photobucket.

Well, here's muy own submission: N. 'Miranda' gone risque.


Wow !! I wonder what causes this, is it simply a genetic accident or something to do with external factors ?
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Here it is. the N hamata var snaggletooth.
it's an AW clone.

the scarring on the leaf might be a clue to the cause. i suspect a pest of some sort. i've been neeming it so if it's a thrip i think it should have stopped by now. i'm guessing it's a fungus or virus.
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Looks like he got all his teeth punched out...
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I find dark Nepenthes hamata to not be as pleasing to the eye. Maybe I just don't like it when live pitchers look dead.
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That plant looks attractive and ugly at the same time. It's like--how do I put this--a piece of modern art.
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This Nepenthes macrophylla from AW is probably a xtrusmadiensis with mostly macrophylla influence - just enough lowii to badly distort adult pitchers:

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