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  1. L

    Huge wish list

    Hi there! please check my long wish list. I look for many other plants if you have any interesting species please let me know. Seeds and plants welcome! # Drosera "Nova" # Drosera "Shibata" # Drosera "Zambiana" # Drosera amazonica # Drosera arenicola # Drosera brevicornis # Drosera browniana #...
  2. M

    Nepenthes & hydroponics: Preliminary results.

    I've been experimenting with growing Nepenthes hydroponically since March 2015, so for about a year and a half now. I'd like to share my results in this thread, and then give some details about my method. Thanks to TF member knuckles for sharing with me his experiences growing Nepenthes...
  3. C

    Cory' grow list

    Sarracenia S rubra ssp alabamensis S. Danas delight S. Hummers hammerhead S. Psittacina Walton Co. FL wilkersons bog S alata red lid S oreophylla sand MT al. S alata "maroon throat" S flava var cupurea S leuco x flava var ornata S flava var ornata S minor S minor "Okie giant" S catesbaei x...
  4. Flip_Side_the_Pint

    N. bongso pollen available.

    I have N. bongso pollen avail if anyone is interested in making a cross, or another bongso would be ideal. Split the pods 40/60, 60 to the pod bearer?
  5. huy716

    N. bongso seeds for trade

    I have 1 pod (~50 or more) of bongso seeds for trade I am looking for P. laueana or P. emarginata. Please PM me if interested.
  6. F

    blueish germination on nepenthes seeds?

    Hi all! I just noticed something extremely strange, it never happened before in my Nep seed growing. These are N. aristolochioides hybrid seeds sowed on 25/02/16, so 3 days ago, after 2 days of soaking in distilled water along with H2O2 (1cup water + 1/2 teaspoon H2O2). The same goes for...
  7. nimbulan

    Nimbulan's grow list

    Last update: 3/7/18 If you have any suggestions for ways to improve the organization of my growlist, please let me know! Byblis: Byblis gigantea Byblis guehoi, West Kimberley Byblis lamellata, Eneabba, WA, BCP S064 Cephalotus: Cephalotus follicularis Darlingtonia: Darlingtonia californica...
  8. thez_yo

    Oops, I added edibles this year!

    Well, I told myself when I moved to SoCal that I needed to choose among Edibles, CPs, or Succulents. Well, this year I added... well, I guess I failed and have them all, oops! I just gotta grow. I've still got more seeds that I'm waiting on, not that I need more plants, but here's the ones...
  9. Cthulhu138

    Nepenthes bongso - Seed Grown - Nep Lover $70

    This auction is for 1 large Nepenthes bongso seedling. Plant will be shipped bare root. Winner pays $6.00 for USPS Priority Mail shipping. U.S. only. Bidding starts at $1.00.
  10. Cthulhu138

    4 Way Green Member Giveaway

    This is a 4 way giveaway for GREEN MEMBERS only. The plants to be given away are 1 small sized Drosera schizandra, 1 Pinguicula grandiflora, 1 Nepenthes bongso seedling and 1 Hyndophytum formicarum seedling. The only rules are that you are a green member and it is strongly encouraged that the...
  11. thez_yo

    a couple plant pics

    The Sarracenia minibog An imposter in the Sarracenia minibog.. The VFT minibog which looks more like the drosera minibog.. N. tenuis & bongso N.ovata's finally sprung its lid N.vent x xtm N.petiolata The indoor jungle's nearly at the ceiling some shots inside it - N.campanulata x...
  12. Favian

    What a Surprise!

    One of my friends surprised me with a box full of! as part of an early birthday present! yay! contents: Ventricosa x jacquelinae Lowii x spectabilis Eymae x veitchii Ephippiata Spectabilis x aristo Thorelii x Trusmadiensis Sibuyanensis x Trusmadiensis Ventricosa x aristo Boschiana...
  13. Radagast

    Radagast's Grow List

    Brocchinia (Carnivorous Bromeliad) reducta Cephalotus (Australian Pitcher Plant) follicularis "Emu Point" follicularis 'Hummer's Giant' Dionaea (Venus Fly Trap) muscipula "typical" Drosera (Sundew) adelae aliciae burmannii (anthocyanin free) burmannii (blush color) capensis 'Albino'...
  14. Favian


    Wanted to share some of my seedlings. n. palawanensis x 4 n. peltata x 2 n. ceciliae x 2 n. lowii x 2 "This one should have uppers by the time I have grand kids" n. Bongso
  15. Whimgrinder

    Nepenthes bongso, multiple seed-grown plants. - ellisonk001 $30

    This auction is for a pot of seed-grown N. bongso (there are at least three individuals in this pot). These are about 32 months old now. I have seen sufficient evidence to state that I believe this lot of seedlings (all from one seed pod) is true-to-species, however, I cannot guarantee that...
  16. M

    My Nepenthes

    Hello all ive been registered here for a long time but only started participating recently. So, it seems appropriate to contribute a little. Here are some recent photo's and a vid I made the other day. Its my first video so please excuse the...quality :) whole GH A taste of life in my GH...
  17. Nepenthesis

    Nepenthes Seed Pods for Trade (USA Only)

    I recently harvested the seed pods from my N. ventricosa x talangensis. They were pollinated with N. x 'Melvino' pollen... So the cross is N. (ventricosa x talangensis) x (spathulata x bongso) harvested from my greenhouse 1/26/14... My specific N. ventricosa x talangensis...
  18. S

    Inconsequential Nepenthes Species from Seed

    Since I made such a big deal last year about going the seed route I thought I should a at the very least post a few pictures of the results: Nepenthes ampullaria 'Red' Spider mites had the growth top webbed over before I realized I had a problem but after treatment it is back and producing...
  19. S

    looking for N. bokorensis, have hybrids available

    I've been looking for N. bokorensis for a while now, but I have not seen any available at the usual places I get Nepenthes from. PM me if you are interested in any of the plant I have available for trade. Plants Available for Trade: N. x 'Caesarion' - (veitchii x (merrilliana x truncata) N. x...
  20. T

    Tanukimo's Growlist

    List: (photographs below) Drosera adelae Drosera binata var. dichotoma Drosera collinsiae x burkeana Drosera aff. lanata 'Flying Fox Creek' Drosera madagascariensis Drosera natalensis Drosera paradoxa white, 'Type form', Lady Dreaming, Arnhemland, NT., Australia Drosera roraimae Drosera...