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I've been looking for N. bokorensis for a while now, but I have not seen any available at the usual places I get Nepenthes from. PM me if you are interested in any of the plant I have available for trade.

Plants Available for Trade:

N. x 'Caesarion' - (veitchii x (merrilliana x truncata)

N. x 'Whisper' - (eymae x veitchii) x (veitchii x (x Tiveyi))

N. x 'St. Hedwig' - (alata x (veitchii x (x Tiveyi))

N. x 'Melvino' - (spathulata x bongso)

N. x 'C.A. Rotwang' - (spathulata x tentaculata)

N. x 'Eldorado' - (spathulata x(maxima x (tobaica x talangensis))

N. sanguinea x ???

I Have a N.Bokorensis (around 20cm diameters).

Ont he other side, I live in France, is it a problem for you ?
Wow, I did not think someone would reply so soon! Not many people have N. bokorensis.

I don't have the proper import/export papers, but I live near a Nepenthes nursery owner that does. If I can work something out with him, I would love to do the trade. Which plant(s) where you interested in?
It's too difficult to make a choice ! ;)

Do you have some picture of those plants, will be easier for me, lol !

It would be wonderful if you can work something out with him ;)
Sorry about taking so long to get back to you. I just got off the phone with a local carnivorous plant nursery owner about importing/exporting from the USA to Europe (and vice-versa). From my understanding, no specific papers are required, but plants sometimes get confiscated/destroyed. I don't want to risk either of us losing the plants, so I can't do the trade for the time being.

If I learn more about sending Nepenthes internationally, I will get back to you. Also, it is -20C where I live now, so I would not be able to ship anything safely anyway.
Yes of course, there is no problem, absolutely normal !