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  1. T

    Our Growlist

    CP Nepenthes Mature/Maturing N. Alata HB N. Alata N. Distillatoria Miranda N. Spectabilis "Giant" N. Hamata x Platychila N. Exotic Lady N. Bicalcarata Red N. Kampotiana N. Mini-Maxima N. Gothica N. Sibuyanensis x Ventricosa Germinating/Sprouting N. Albomarginata N. Bicalcarata Red Flush N...
  2. SgtSarracenia

    Growlist SO Far......

    This is what I have so far. Just because I have it, does not mean I would not be interested in more. So if you have something available that is on my list don't count me out. UPDATED 3/22/15 Drosera ‘Snyderi’ adelae admirabilis ‘Ceres’ admirabilis 'Floating' aff. Petiolaris ‘Pin...
  3. Nepenthesis

    Pineapple's Grow List

    Nepenthes Nepenthes alata Spotted Nepenthes ampullaria Brunei Spotted Nepenthes ampullaria Brunei Red x Harlequin Nepenthes x 'Jungle Bells' Nepenthes bongso var. robusta Nepenthes boschiana x mira v. Sakumpong Nepenthes burbidgeae x edwardsiana (2) Nepenthes glabrata Nepenthes x 'Gothica'...
  4. Iwest

    Iwest's Grow List

    Darlingtonia: D. californica – Butterfly Valley, CA Dionaea: ‘Typical’ ‘Red Dragon’ 'King Henry' Drosera: D. adelae D. binata D. capensis 'alba' D. capensis ‘Narrow’ D. 'Marston Dragon' D. rotundifolia D. spatulata D. spiralis Pygmies: D. x carburop D. enodes – Scott’s River D. nitidula x...
  5. thez_yo

    Pitcher of the Month April 2012 pics for voting

    As a reminder - voting here: http://www.cs.cornell.edu/w8/~andru/cgi-perl/civs/vote.pl?id=E_1ceb546609a7af50&akey=0f40646230d0fa5c and please be mindful of mass's wishes that you not vote on his entry, though I've kept it as a pretty picture for the picture-roll: ---the competition:---
  6. dueoka

    dueoka's growlist

    Nepenthes X 'Miranda' X 'Judith Finn' maxima "dark"" alata x truncata X 'Red Leopard' rafflesiana truncata truncata x maxima ventricosa (red) x spectabilis (giant) sibuyanensis x maxima sibuyanensis (ventricosa x sibuyanensis) x merrilliana sibuyanensis xx (talangensis x mira) sibuyanensis xx...
  7. JB_OrchidGuy

    I think i may have gone a lil crazy.

    Yesterday I got bit by seed fever again. I went on ebay and placed orders for N. jacuelinea N. jacuelinea x izumiae N. dubia N. aristolochiodes N. inermis N. tentaculata N. jamban N. lingulata Then since I got 5 from one guy I will get a bonus pack too. I asked for the bongso but he said was...
  8. A

    Archer15 grow list

    Cephalotus Follicularis Nepenthes Species N. alata Lantern ....11/2011 N. albomarginata ~Triffid Park~ ......1/2015 N. boschiana - seed grown ....17/12/2012 N. boschiana (b) ~EP~ ....10/2014...
  9. mass

    POTM contest voting: January 2012

    Please follow the link below to cast your votes for the January 2012 POTM. Thank you to all who participated. Jan. 2012 POTM voting: http://www.cs.cornell.edu/w8/~andru/cgi-perl/civs/vote.pl?id=E_b996efbabf8c7285&akey=4910a35c09ddaae7 Jan. 2012 POTM thread...
  10. Kyle

    Kyle's Grow/Want Lists

    ##Growing #Bladders Ultricularia bisquamata Utricularia dichotoma (Thanks for the SASE, kulamauiman!) Utricularia gramnifolia (Thanks for the SASE, flytraplady5!) Utricularia graminifolia (Thanks for donating to the NASC auction 2011, RL7836!) Utricularia livida (Thanks for the SASE...
  11. Whimgrinder

    N. inermis X bongso

    Best wishes, for a happy (and sane!) Christmas Eve. It is a pleasure getting to know you all.
  12. tje25

    Tj"s Grow List!!!

    Grow list: Everything in green is linked to a picture ;) Dionaea muscipula; "B52" "JAWS" "A2" henning giant 120+ seeds sowed (5/10/12) Germination started (5/23/12) Dente Drosera; D. affinis (seeds planted 1/8/15) D. aliciae D. capensis "alba" (seeds planted 12/27/11) ( sprouted 1/13/12) D...
  13. S

    snapperhead's grow list incomplete !

    a few plants i have got over the years alata small red Alata - Red x 6 alata Red (from ebay ) alata ( ebay) alata giant x stenophylla alata giant x spectabilis alata red alata x kampotiana x ventricosa alata-gaint x truncata alata-giant x veitchii H/L albo-marginata -green x (rokko x veitchii...
  14. S

    Snapperhead's grow list imcomplete still Sorry

    by snapperhead51 » Thu Aug 11, 2011 9:41 am Grow list update 11 Aug 2011 still incomplete heaps to still put on ?? alata small red Alata - Red x 6 alata Red (from ebay ) alata ( ebay) alata giant x stenophylla alata giant x spectabilis alata red alata x kampotiana x ventricosa alata-gaint x...
  15. CreatureTom

    Tom's Nepenthes

    Thought I'd create a picture thread here as I pretty much only get Neps now.. Its been a while and I've had a rearrange so it's time for an update (: Might aswell start with the newest to pop; Royal Truncata beginning to colour up, the peristome is thicker around the back so I'm hoping to see...
  16. mass

    POTM August 2011: Winners!

    Congratulations to the winners of the August 2011 Pitcher of the Month contest. :hail: First Place ~ nightsky ~ N. singalana Second Place ~ Frank S. ~ N. bongso Third Place ~ pygo ~ N. veitchii K
  17. ellisonk001

    ellisonk001's (Keith's) Growlist

    NEPENTHES: adrianii alata alata (Q) x truncata alata boschiana mimic alata Pink alata variegata alata x khashiana alata x truncata alba albomarginata albomarginata albomarginata - Penang Red albomarginata - Red albomarginata Green albomarginata Red Gunung Jerai albomarginata Red Speckled...
  18. Nepfreak

    Going to College - all neps must go!

    So, I'm heading off to college in a few weeks and I've got to do something about the plants! There's no way I'm fitting them all in my dorm so I'm only keeping two neps (my first one, and a small truncata). The rest are up for postage! The catch is that most of them are pretty sick looking...
  19. A

    Andrew Schnell from Portland, Oregon

    Hey all, my name is Andrew Schnell, I'm a biology major at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon and in my senior year (almost done!). I've been keeping CPs for quite a while but have never been on the forums, but my main hobby is gecko breeding (lots of rare and cool species, just like...
  20. CreatureTom

    CreatureTom's Growlist

    Grow List: N. xVentrata (Ventricosa x Alata) N. 'Black Knight' (Ventricosa x Ramispina) N. Robcantleyi N. Veitchii x Platychila N. Lowii N. Glabrata N. Inermis x Bongso N. Lowii x Boschiana N. Spectabilis x Mira N. Aristolochioides x Ventricosa N. Sibuyanensis N. Maxima N. Burbidgeae N...