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Formerly known as Pineapple

Nepenthes alata Spotted
Nepenthes ampullaria Brunei Spotted
Nepenthes ampullaria Brunei Red x Harlequin
Nepenthes x 'Jungle Bells'
Nepenthes bongso var. robusta
Nepenthes boschiana x mira v. Sakumpong
Nepenthes burbidgeae x edwardsiana (2)
Nepenthes glabrata
Nepenthes x 'Gothica' (sibuyanensis x maxima)
Nepenthes hamata x platychila (2)
Nepenthes jacquelineae
Nepenthes lowii x campanulata
Nepenthes lowii x spectabilis
Nepenthes x 'Melvino' (spathulata x bongso)
Nepenthes muluensis x lowii
Nepenthes x 'Momoka' (insignis x merrilliana)
Nepenthes x 'Pacificus' (ventricosa x insignis)
Nepenthes x 'Peter D'amato' x maxima
Nepenthes singalana 'Belirang'
Nepenthes spathulata x ovata
Nepenthes spathulata x (spathulata x boschiana)
Nepenthes spectabilis x talangensis
Nepenthes x 'Splendiana' (smilesii (or kampotiana) x mirabilis)
Nepenthes stenophylla hybrid (Unidentified)
Nepenthes x 'Ventrata' (ventricosa x alata)
Nepenthes ventricosa (Pink)
Nepenthes ventricosa (Seedling)
Nepenthes ventricosa x dubia
Nepenthes (ventricosa x sibuyanensis) x carunculata var. robusta
Nepenthes ventricosa x spectabilis
Nepenthes ventricosa x talangensis
Nepenthes ventricosa x (ventricosa x x 'Trusmadiensis')
Nepenthes vogelii


Sarracenia flava var. cuprea
Sarracenia leucophylla
Sarracenia purpurea (3)
Sarracenia rubra ssp. jonesii x minor 'Variegated Petals'


Drosera adelae (5)
Drosera binata
Drosera burmannii
Drosera capensis 'Alba' x2
Drosera capensis 'Typical' (5)
Drosera rubrifolia
Drosera spatulata
Drosera tokaiensis x rotundifolia

Pygmy Drosera

Drosera x 'Carbarup'
Drosera dichrosepala ssp. dichrosepala
Drosera dichrosepala ssp. enodes 'Scott River'
Drosera greivei
Drosera leucostigma
Drosera omissa x pulchella
Drosera occidentalis
Drosera oreopodion
Drosera parvula ssp. parvula
Drosera patens
Drosera pulchella 'Pink'
Drosera pygmaea 'East Australia'
Drosera roseana
Drosera sargentii
Drosera scorpioides


Alabama (Red, purple, green... 3 cultures)
Tolland County, CT (Green, brown, red... 4 cultures)
Northern USA to Canada (Green, brown... 11 cultures)
Virginia (Red/green... 1 culture)
Virginia (Red/green/yellow... 4 cultures)
Unknown Location #1 (From eBay buy)
Unknown Location #2 (From trade)
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