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  1. rattler

    Took some pics today during my lunch hour

    my new lil lowii in a 3.5 inch pot jac. x izumae, the open one is from about 3 leaves ago. the new one should open while im gone this weekend. bongso and veitchii x eymae(or is it the reverse?), the hybrid is twice the diameter as the bongso but the pitchers are about the same size check...
  2. N

    Nep_grower's grow list

    N. alata N. albomarginata N. ampullaria N. aristolochioides N. bellii N. benstonei N. bicalcarata N. bongso N. burbidgeae N. carunculata N. clipeata N. copelandii N. densiflora N. diatas N. distillatoria N. eustachya N. faizaliana N. fusca N. gracilis N. hamata N. hirsuta N...
  3. C

    Neps in autumn

    The latest Burbidgea pitcher at 13 cms Mira with Bongso on the right Sibuyanensis Diatas meadow form will be great when bigger been fairly slow but coming along Eymae And last but not least a fav the good old Ramispina bye for now  julian
  4. F

    More plants to my collection!

    Hey there gang! just wanna share some pics of the plants i got yesterday in the mail.  i got 3 new ones.  they are spectabilis x veitchii, bongso, and burbidgea red.  all very nice plants!  there are some other pics of my plants that i have before these but just some new pitchers or color...
  5. rattler

    What next?

    i have a cute lil aristo and a cute lil hamata. i have ephippiata, though it lost all the pitchers it had when Tony sent it, its opened a new one and another is forming. i have bongso and two different veitchii. i have eymae x veitchii and jac x izumae. what other showy intermediate growers am i...
  6. Capslock

    October gallery

    Got some new pics. First, this is kinda small still, but I almost jumped when I saw the latest N. truncata x lowii pitcher: (EDIT: WHOOPS, it's N. veitchii x lowii) I thought this was cool. It's the first pitcher off a new basal rosette. It was only the second leaf, and it wasn't quite up to...
  7. srduggins

    Pitcher age

    I just couldn't resist posting these two pictures highlighting pitchers from the same plant. N. bongso N. spathulata
  8. F

    My grow list!

    Nepenthes N. Alata - lowland N. Alata clone B - highland N. Alata clone F - highland N. Alata clone M - highland N. Alata Luzon - highland N. Bellii x TM N. Bongso - highland N. Burbidgea - highland N. Burkeii x Ventricosa N. Copelandii Mt. Apo - highland N. Copelandii Mt. Pasian - highland N...
  9. srduggins

    Steve's grow list

    Nepenthes Highland alata - Clone B alata - Clone F alata - variegated bongso burbidgeae carunculata copelandii - Mt. Apo copelandii - Pasian densiflora diatas ephippiata eymae fusca - Mamut Mine fusca - Flared Peristome hamata khasiana lowii - Mt. Trus Madi lowii - Mt. Kinabalu macrophylla...
  10. L

    Pics from the past

    Theese are pics from 1 year ago. Some may have seen them, others haven't. So, I'll post them . Watch out for pics of my sarracenia, and maybe pics of my collection from 2 years ago in Alaska, in the weeks to come. N. truncata x stenophylla old version of the chamber N. ventricosa N...
  11. rattler

    New pics

    here is the latest pic of my N. bongso. not the greatest shot but it was produced in the cramped confines of a 10 gal tank so the pitcher was twisted under a leaf here is the N. ephippiata i recently got from Tony its in a 3.5 inch pot for size referance largest pitcher, my fingers for...
  12. StifflerMichael

    N. carunculata (n. bongso) for trade

    I have for trade a Nepenthes carunculata (also known as N. bongso) which I acquired in May this year.  I am looking to trade for any lowland nepenthes species (like a rafflesiana).  Please send me a PM or email me, and please post here also.  I'll post again when it's been traded.  Here are some...
  13. Capslock

    July gallery

    I took some photos today because I had a N. ephippiata pitcher that opened recently that I wanted to take a pic of. So, here goes: N. epphipiata N. spatulata x maxima N. spectabilis x ventricosa N. bongso N. x Ile de France N. khasiana and N. lavicola. The little N. lavicola formed on...
  14. N

    Nepenthes species

    I have attempted to create a list of all the known and currently recognised species of Nepenthes.  Of course this list is by no means complete or even exhaustive, but it does give a rough idea of the number of species known.  Please let me know if I have missed any species out, or if you have...
  15. L

    Big ping to trade

    I want to trade a very large Pinguicula species (similar to moranensis) for any good nepenthes (bongso, ovata, or sibuyanensis maybe) or near mature sarracenia. You can see pics of the same species on my website, and this one is almost the same size. I think this is seriously on of the largest...
  16. L

    N. bongso vs ovata

    I'm trying to decide which one to get. Could you please tell me which one gets bigger, grows faster, is tougher, or just the best. I've grown a bongso before, and it quickly became one of my favs. before it met its demise... Thanks, apreciate it !
  17. rattler

    N. macfarlanei for trade

    ive got a small N. macfarlanei up for trade. it doesnt really seem to like my growing conditions and isnt growing very well. its about 5 inches in diameter it looks good but doesnt pitcher very well. ive read this species likes constant high humidity and i guess im not providing a constant...
  18. seedjar

    Joe knows how to grow!

    Last updated: 2008.04.27 ------- --- Growing: - CPs: Cephalotus follicularis Darlingtonia californica Dionea muscipula var. 'Big Mouth' 'Creeping Death' 'Dente' 'Finetooth + Red' 'Green Dragon' 'Petite Dragon' 'Pink Venus' 'Red Dragon' Typical Drosera adelae anglica binata binata binata...