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  1. S

    Seedlings & Spring

    I couldn't help but notice a correlation between the onset of Spring and faster growth with the Nep seedlings I planted from 10/21/2012 to 01/15/2013. Oddly it seems that the smaller the propagation box used the faster the seedlings grew or another way to look at it would be the smaller the...
  2. davidgreen

    Davidgreen's growing growlist

    here's my growlist!: SARRACENIA Cultivars S. x Royal Ruby S. x Scarlete Belle S. x Godzuki Flavas S. Flava var. Ornata Bulloch Co, Ga 'Black veins' clone A -Mike Wang(MW) S. Flava var. Ornata Bulloch Co, Ga S. Flava var. Ornata Bulloch Co, Ga S. Flava var. Ornata Bulloch Co, Ga...
  3. L

    New Setup for my Nep's

    Well, I had hoped to be filling my "new to me" Klima-gro 4000 today but after driving 2 hours each way I arrived to find out the lady sold it out from under me. So, in an effort to ease my pain I stopped at my old town and grabbed my old 55 hex tank out of storage and cleaned it up, added the...
  4. Iwest

    Help Rooting a Nep Cutting

    Hey guys, I was given a couple cuttings today of a N. maxima x bongso. I have never attempted to root a cutting before and was hoping for some advice. I am well aware there are plenty of different ways to go about doing this and I've done some research online/ in books. I've decided to root...
  5. East_to_west

    East_to_west Grow list

    I don't update this super often so ask me if you have any questions: Nepenthes: N. Muluensis x Lowii N. Ramispina three pure forms: ( 2 B.E. clones and another wild collected from the 70's) N. "Hopeful Monsters" = merilliana x ? N. Albomarginata "Camaroon Highlands" N. "Gentle" = Maxima x...
  6. pebes

    Pollen available: N talangensis

    Hello all, I've got a male N talangensis that has just started revealing a fairly large inflorescence. I would imagine the first flowers will mature in late February. My preference would be to find a female talangensis that is searching for a suitor, as i don't usually grow hybrids. My...
  7. Tuuagso

    Tuuagso's growlist

    Cephalotus follicularis (3) . Hummer Giant . Hummer Giant x Hummer Giant . Typical Darlingtonia californica (2) . Dark . typical Dionaea muscipula (4) . all red . B52 . Fang x Big mouth . Bohemian Garnet Drosera (26) . adelae . binata (multifida extrema) . botswana . burmanii . capensis...
  8. K

    Kramer Chids Grow list

    D. muscipula Mixed Red seedlings Paradisia Shogun Star Fused Tooth seedlings Bohemian Garnet B52 x Big Mouth Nepenthes Ventricosa (Red Male) Miranda sibuyanensis x burkeii maxima tentata truncata sibuyanensis x burkeii rafflesiana 'Dark Brown' (100+ seedlings) longifolia 'Very Dark Brown'...
  9. K

    WTT LOTS of seeds and Orchids for CP seeds or plants

    My son and I are in gathering mode for CP seeds and plants for his collection. We potted up some Nepenthes seeds today and we had some left overs so we are offering up some Nepenthes seeds and also SUPER HOT Pepper seeds for trade for any CP seeds, gemmae, or plants you might have. We are...
  10. N

    Noa's Winter Pitchers 2012

    It's that time of year that I get to share some of my plants with the rest of you. Happy holidays! -Noa I'll start off with some smaller plants and work my way up. A cute N. glabrata pitcher from seed N. izumiae from seed N. alba from seed, getting to be a great looking plant An...
  11. MurphysLaw

    MurphysLaw Grow List

    Here is what I have cooking here in New Mexico! Most of my plants are Nepenthes, but I do have a few Sarracenia and Ceph's. N. hamata (BE clone) N. hamata (Wistuba clone)(Gunung Lumut) N. hamata (unidentified location) N. hamata (Katopassa) N. singalana (Beilarang) N. sibuyanensis N...
  12. S

    Spooky's Growlist

    I don't think I did this already but if I'm wrong please update me! I am participating in a discussion string about species threatened with extinction and eBay sellers poaching so consider me spanked:-( and no need to bring that up here . Everything I have or are in transit were acquired prior...
  13. twigs

    Nepenthes in a funk

    Lately it seems like many of my nepenthes are in a funk. Some continue to grow leaves but have stopped pitchering while others have slowed down all around. Quite a few have spouted basals in the past few months so that might explain some of it. I moved to Texas at the beginning of September...
  14. divaskid

    Divaskid's Grow List

    Last Updated: 4/13/14 A speacial thanks to everyone that contributed to my grow list. You guys are awesome! :D Byblis B. liniflora Drosera D. binata 'multifida extrema' D. capensis 'alba' D. indica Nepenthes N. alata 'Speckled' (female) N. albomarginata N. albomarginata 'Penang' N...
  15. S

    Seeds germinating

    It took four+ weeks but the first 4 planted of the 14 subspecies are germinating now, it will be some time before I can tell if they sent what they advertised but I can say that the seeds all looked different. Now I have to order in a lens adapter for my Fujifilm S2950 so I can do some...
  16. T

    thelarge's growlist

    NEPENTHES Ramipina Deroose alata x2(ok to trade) Vent. x Sibuyanensis(jungle bells) Miranda x2 (ok to tade) Boshiania x Densiflora Vent.red x2(ok to trade) Mirabilis(ok to trade) Mirabilis x Bicalcarate(ok to trade) Mirabilis trang.(okto trade) Maxima x truncata (marbelled dragon)x 2(ok to...
  17. huy716

    for trade N. spathulata x bongso

    I have a six inch spathulata x bongso for trade. This plant get really dark in bright light and have wide peristome. I am looking for N. diatas. Please pm
  18. Nepenthesis

    Leaf Size Got Smaller?

    I just picked up a N. bongso var. Robusta today. After I paid, I realized the two newest leaves were smaller than the last ones... Why is this? How can it be fixed? I feel like coffee may help, so in another week when my plants are due for their next treatment I will brew up extra for this...
  19. Whimgrinder

    I would like to acquire N. lavicola....

    Searching for N. lavicola, I have seed grown N. reinwardtiana for trade, and possibly N. bongso, also seed grown. Thanks.
  20. C

    carbonetc grow/want list

    Grow List N. albomarginata red N. ampullaria "Brunei Red" N. ampullaria "Lime Twist" N. ampullaria "Harlequin" N. ampullaria "Speckled" N. aristolochioides N. attenboroughii red N. burbidgeae N. campanulata N. chaniana N. copelandii N. densiflora N. dubia N. flava N. fusca N. glabrata N...