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Help Rooting a Nep Cutting

Hey guys,

I was given a couple cuttings today of a N. maxima x bongso. I have never attempted to root a cutting before and was hoping for some advice. I am well aware there are plenty of different ways to go about doing this and I've done some research online/ in books. I've decided to root them by putting them in distilled water and sitting them on a sunny windowsill. I'll be refreshing the water regularly. Here's how it looks right now...


I guess my question(s) are, am I doing this right? Do they need higher humidity like any nep I am growing would? Is the entire cutting supposed to be submerged or just the tip that was cut? Are there any tips or pointers to make this process better/ more likely to root?

Thanks for your help :D
theres many ways and one is the way you are doing it. TBH i've never done nepenthes cuttings before, but i soon will.
heres is a highly recommended one. Just ask snapper and he will be kind to help :-D
Thanks falcon. Unfortunately I'm not doing it the same way snapper does in the video, but that is certainly a very informative video. I might try that process down the road from now. I'm only using this method of putting the cuttings in water because it was recommended to me by the guy who gave me the cuttings to sit them in water.
My success rate is much much higher with cuttings in moss than with cuttings in water. This may be because I use rooting hormone and in water that would just wash off. I've pretty much written off water rooting and only do the moss method these days.
I've heard of people using the water method. It is supposed to rinse out the hormones in the plant so when you apply the root hormones they will have a greater effect. One thing I have observed when rooting Nepenthes cuttings is that they will be more likely to root if you limit the amount of water to get so they feel the need to grow roots. Bagging the plants is also required for rooting in soil unless they're already in a very humid environment. I've never tried rooting using the water method, but I have seen it used successfully.
I've had good luck rooting cuttings in RO water. They are in a fairly humid greenhouse environment, so they are not bagged.
Here is my input. Remove them from water because it might not give a good result.

Put them in vermiculite and keep it moist and in a humid environment. If the cuttings are good they will root. Recently about two months ago my two maxima x (lowii x ventricosa) decided to grow crappy so i chopped their growth points off because i suspected they might have a root problem. I did as i told you above and a few weeks ago they started growing again, today i decided to pull them out and have a look snd both had many 1.5cm rootlets. Puling tyem out with vermiculite is easy because its very loose.

Anyway if those are decent growthpointthis method should work very well in fact much better than water and peat and about the same as live sphagnum
Thanks for your help guys :D It seems sphagnum and vermiculite are preferred methods to the RO water, so I removed them from the water and potted them up in sphagnum. I ordered some vermiculite so hopefully that'll come soon and I can repot one of my two cuttings into pure vermiculite. Certainly hope this works!
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I use a very untraditional method with pretty good results in my GH. I will pot the cutting in my normal media and then set the entire pot in an inch and a half of water. Once I notice root growth I remove from the water and grow normally.

If I am going to bag for say indoor rooting the. I use straight LFS loose and moist then bagged under lights.