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  • Hi Jeff,

    I'm a bit confused by how the visitor messages work. I didn't see this one until just now. I'll get things in the mail Wednesday morning, and you should receive them on Friday.

    I think the one on the left looks better. Anyway, I will send u 2 unrooted cuttings for a aristolochia macroura and the mission delores.
    My address is
    Jeff Voth
    6323 Cottle Rd
    San Jose, CA 95123
    Not sure If I sent that right. Maybe I need to enter it here?

    Hi Jeff,

    I would be interested in a trade. The 'Mission Dolores' little plants are not perfect. Let's see if I can attach photos of the two best choices at this point. I'm not sure which I would consider better.


    These have been outside. My guess is they will probably sit around until it warms up, then put out much stronger new growth.

    Here's my address:

    Randy Story
    1700 San Carlos Ave. #104
    San Carlos, CA 94070

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