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Well, I had hoped to be filling my "new to me" Klima-gro 4000 today but after driving 2 hours each way I arrived to find out the lady sold it out from under me. So, in an effort to ease my pain I stopped at my old town and grabbed my old 55 hex tank out of storage and cleaned it up, added the plants and rigged up a DIY fogger and decided to make do with it for the near future.

It is currently housing the following:

N. Maxima x Ventricosa "Red Leopard"
N. Alba
N. MAxima x Burkei
N. Burbidgeae x Edwardsiana
N. Bongso

and a S. Leucophylla "Tarnok"

Here are a few shots, I apologize for the poor pic quality and what is apparently a very scratched tank surface...the camera REALLY highlights that flaw.






Thanks for looking...
That sarr would be better off outdoors.. They love their sunlight!
Thanks Mass, I put it in as an afterthought and was wondering about doing so...guess that means I need to make a small bog setup now too... :-D
Or just in a pot of peat and perlite on the porch in full sun. But a bog setup never hurts.. Definitely makes it easier to overwinter them during the dormant season.
Sounds good Mass, thanks for the advise and help...I really appreciate it.
don't mention it.. that's what I'm here for.