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WTT LOTS of seeds and Orchids for CP seeds or plants

My son and I are in gathering mode for CP seeds and plants for his collection. We potted up some Nepenthes seeds today and we had some left overs so we are offering up some Nepenthes seeds and also SUPER HOT Pepper seeds for trade for any CP seeds, gemmae, or plants you might have. We are looking for most everything right now so let us know what you have.

We have the following for trade:

Each Packet of Nep seeds has 40+ Seeds (Most have lots more but I hate getting seed packets that are short)

N. reindwartiana x sumantrana
N. eustachya
N. ampullaria (all red) ***TRADED***
N. bongso ***TRADED***
N. rafflesiana (green w/red peristone) - 3 packs ***1 PACK TRADED, 1 PACK TRADE PENDING***
N. rafflesiana (pink) - 3 packs ***1 PACK TRADED, 1 PACK TRADE PENDING***


I took a picture of the leftover Nepenthes pods before I swept them up. I just noticed in the picture one of the pods still had seeds in it. GAH!!! So I dug them out and they are now a NOID Nep.


SUPER HOT pepper seeds. Each pack has 12+ seeds. I grow for heat first and then flavor. So even handling these seeds and then touching your eyes is PAIN. Beeeeee careful.

Trinidad Scorpion Moruga
Chocolate Habanero
Trinidad Douglah x Chocolate Trinidad Scorpion (These are insane)
Red Bhut Jolokia
Yellow Bhut Jolokia
Caramel Bhut Jolokia
Chocolate Bhut Jolokia
Trinidad Scorpion Yellow CARDI
7 Pot Brain Strain Red
Trinidad Congo
Chocolate Trinidad Scorpion
Yellow Fatalii



A few pictures of my 2013 pepper crop getting started and some of the pods some of these seeds came from.



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What would you like for one bag of each pepper? I have some Sarracenia seeds in the fridge.
Wow, those are the craziest pots I've ever seen! What are the benefits to using them? Aeration & surface area around the edges???
they air prune the roots forcing them you have more fibrous root systems
Exactly. They create a much "Fuller" root system. Combine that with a healthy organic soil and nutes and loaded up with mycorrhiza and you get crazy healthy plants.
I would be intrested in the following
N. reindwartiana x sumantrana
N. rafflesiana (green w/red peristone) - 3 packs 1 pack Traded
I have some drosera seeds that I would be willing to trade.
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those peppers arnt as hot as they sound i could easily pop a bhut jolokia (ghost pepper) the scorpions are pretty hot though and fun to grow