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  1. adnedarn

    Thinking about getting an RO system to water your plants? Today may be the day!

    Just saw this sale pop up, I love the quality of these products and I don't think you can beat the price. RODI (super pure water) BRS 4 Stage Value Plus RO/DI System - 75GPD - Doorbusters - Specials & Deals - Bulk Reef Supply RO (just fine for CPs) BRS 4 Stage RO Only System - 75GPD - RO and...
  2. madrone

    Another west-coast Washingtonian

    A few years ago I had the good fortune to visit Nova Scotia, where I saw my first pitcher plants ever. Although “bogging” wasn’t the purpose of the visit, the plants and their habitat were super intriguing. I didn't realize it at the time, but the hook had been set. Fast forward several years…...
  3. Cactusdan

    D. occidentalis x pulchella. Gemmae for Gemmae?

    Hey all! Since only starting CP growing earlier this year, I've only gotten one batch of pygmy Drosera gemmae so far, which is D. occidentalis x pulchella. I'd really like to expand my collection of these cool little guys, while hopefully doing the same for other folks. D. occidentalis x...
  4. S

    Mixed terrestrial Utricularia in a single container?

    Does anybody grow multiple species of terrestrial Utricularia in a single container, intentionally or unintentionally? I'm not tied to the one species per pot paradigm. I'm envisioning something with mixed flowerscapes, but don't know if that's possible. Would one of them eventually outcompete...
  5. B

    Light for Nepenthes

    Normally I grow my Nepenthes outdoors, but winters here are a bit too cold for the lowland species (Zone 9a). Last year, I tried putting them on a shelf by a windowsill (no supplemental lighting) and kept them in trays, but some of them did not make it through the winter. I've decided to get...
  6. WellLogger412

    WellLogger412's grow list (PetroleumJunkie412 on flytrapcare forums)

    Short list so far: Growing above ground - Nepenthes x Miranda Nepenthes x Suki Nepenthes Lowe's (BBP, labeled ventrata, 9/2017) Drosera: D. Binata x Marston Dragon D. Binata x Marston Dragon (red) D. Binata x Multifida Extrema D. Capensis alba D. Capensis D. Capensis giant (under testing)...
  7. cwatson1414

    Paphiopedilum supersuk "Eureka" AM/AOS x Paph Raisin Pie "Hsinying") x Sib tips

    Paphiopedilum supersuk "Eureka" AM/AOS x Paph Raisin Pie "Hsinying") x Sib tips So I picked up an impulse-buy plant (Or rather resist the impulse for several weeks and finally succumb.) It's a Paphiopedilum orchid. I have done poorly with a few Phalenopsis early in my growing, but feel ready to...
  8. cwatson1414

    Paphiopedilum supersuk "Eureka" AM/AOS x Paph Raisin Pie "Hsinying") x Sib tips

    Paphiopedilum supersuk "Eureka" AM/AOS x Paph Raisin Pie "Hsinying") x Sib tips So I picked up an impulse-buy plant (Or rather resist the impulse for several weeks and finally succumb plant.) It's a Paphiopedilum orchid. I have done poorly with a few Phalenopsis early in my growing, but feel...
  9. Mercfh

    Forcing Dormancy/Photoperiod? (Plus some general Dormancy questions)

    So i have to say, there is a lot of conflicting information on Ping dormancy. I've been doing a lot of reading and i've seen everything from "They can survive not going through dormancy" to "Let the PLANTS choose when to do dormancy" to "Change your light/temp/etc... to induce it" For reference...
  10. S

    WTB: Looking for D. Barbigera

    WTB: Looking for D. Barbigera My pot just got super wrecked by way of getting knocked off a shelf. On the lookout for some more, on the off chance that anybody has a pot they'd be willing to part with or something. Or gemmae 6 months from now (lol...) List Date: 6/23/2016 For more info, click...
  11. nimbulan

    UV Fluorescence in CPs

    I thought I'd start a thread for pictures and discussion of UV fluorescence in CPs. I get the impression that it's not a very well-known phenomenon, and I'd like to change that! I'll start with a fantastic picture of N. "Triffid" I took last night: And one of my random hybrid from April...
  12. Dalton

    Miltassia Shelob Repotted, Bulb Shrivelling

    Hey everyone, I have a Miltassia Shelob 'The Weed'. It's the first orchid I ever bought and I've had it for several years. I've previously had it in straight orchid bark and watered it about once a weak. It would put out one or two new bulbs a year and spike once from each bulb. Of course...
  13. Alexkrein82

    Free orchids!

    Hello everybody! I have been collecting orchids for fair amount of time now and love every single one, that being said I about a year ago got a sarracenia purpurea from a friend and fell hard for cps too. I recently did a little spring cleaning so to speak and tried to free up some space. I...
  14. theplantman

    FT: Black Wattle, Acacia melanoxylon

    Hi folks, Up for trade are two Black Wattle or Acacia melanoxylon plants, grown from seed provided by Randy Story. They're displayed above but will be bare-rooted for shipment. These are botanically quite interesting because they produce wonderful feathery leaves like a Mimosa as well as...
  15. Acro

    Agamid Lizard Book (no bids)

    1) Opening bid amount $2.00 2) Agamid Lizard book in very good (used) condition - hardcover. Super (and I mean SUPER Photo Quality) nice glossy photos through out the whole book! 3) $2.50 shipping for USA, international pays any cost over $2.50. PM me with questions! Cover: Inside:
  16. E

    Cool Growers x Warm Growers

    I want orchids that have a really good grow ethic! If Bob says, "No rest for the wicked!"... I want him to be talking about my orchids. If you're vaguely interested in what I'm talking about... then you might be interested in my hercuthermal experiment. It's a super fancy experiment. Turns...
  17. F

    *PAID* 4 super tiny B52 Venus Flytrap clones (patrickntd $18)

    4 Very small B52 Venus flytrap clones. There are some good bulbs there! May be some extra bulbs without any leaves at the moment too. I believe these will ship really well they are in a crushed water bottle now, I would put that crushed water bottle inside another strong container without...
  18. masonix

    Flytrap in UltraHD if you got the screen for it

    Hi, Bought me a UltraHD capable camera before Christmas. If you have a monitor that can show UltraHD it kinda look pretty cool if I may say so myself. It works on any monitor but to get that super sharpness you need the extra pixels! Going to film a lot of feeding I'm the future! :)
  19. Swagalotus

    Drosera Graomogolensis Feeding

    I just got myself a drosera graomogolensis. I was wondering if it is advisable to feed this species. I used to have 3 plantlets that were growing super well on a WINDOWSILL out of all places ( dew and everything) I decided to try to feed to speed up growth, food rotted and so did the whole...
  20. Alexkrein82

    Nepenthes Alata

    I have several 6"-8" wide rooted Nepenthes Alata plants. They all have nice pitchers on them and are in great health. The colors on these are super variable with some being almost all red while others are mostly green. Grown in my greenhouse in central FL. I am interested in most if not all...