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Deroose alata x2(ok to trade)
Vent. x Sibuyanensis(jungle bells)
Miranda x2 (ok to tade)
Boshiania x Densiflora
Vent.red x2(ok to trade)
Mirabilis(ok to trade)
Mirabilis x Bicalcarate(ok to trade)
Mirabilis trang.(okto trade)
Maxima x truncata (marbelled dragon)x 2(ok to trade)
Rob Canley
Lowii x Campanulata x2
Lowii x truncata squat
Truncata lowland x2 (ok to trade)
Truncata pasian
Densiflora x Truncata
Veitchii h/l
Vent. x Campanulata ( menehune)
Vent. x Truncata x Veitchii
Vent. x Alata x Truncata
Clipeata x Clipeata x Eymae
Gymnephora tc
Hamata clone 4 wistuba
Macrophylla wistuba
Thorelti x tm
Spectabilis tc (ok to trade)
Eymae x jacquelineae x izumiae
Reinwardiana tc x5 (ok to trade)
Spethulata clone 1
Inermis x bongso
Sibuyanensis x Spectabilis x aristo
Splendiana x Vent.
Naga (wistuba)x2 (ok to trade)
Talagensis tc
Longflora just germinated. tc
Maxima x ? (just germinated tc
Maxima x Veichii x maxima(just germinated) tc
Muluensis x Lowii
Spathulata x aristolochiodes
Kuchingesis x mirabillis v.globosa x allardii
Spectabilis x ventricosa
Petiolata x Burkeii
Peter'd amato

B-52's tc x 10(ok to trade)
B-52 x lowgiant
Typical flytraps
Big mouth

Heli Minor tc
Heli Ionasii (just germanated) tc
Heli Minor x Heterodora (just germinated) tc

Cephalotus typical tc x4(ok to trade)
Hummer Giant

Spatulata tc x10 (ok to trade)
Bybliss linsflora tc x 3(ok to trade)

Sarracenia Leucophlla
Dean Cook wild pollinated Sarra. tc
Darlington California (cobra lilly)

The ones with tc are the ones I have in tissue culture.
Ok to trade(make offer).
Thanks for looking.
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