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Hey all, my name is Andrew Schnell, I'm a biology major at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon and in my senior year (almost done!). I've been keeping CPs for quite a while but have never been on the forums, but my main hobby is gecko breeding (lots of rare and cool species, just like with the plants) and I am on some gecko forums. I also love mountain bike jumping, and have broken bones in every limb over the years, but I love the sport, even though it's dangerous.
Below is a list of my collection. Species in green are species that do very very well in my care, species in red are species I'm struggling to care for, and species in bold are my favorites

5 - Nepenthes rajah
2 - Nepenthes hamata
1 - Nepenthes lowii
1 - Nepenthes bicalcarata
1 - Nepenthes northiana
1 - Nepenthes maxima
1 - Nepenthes burbidgea
1 - Nepenthes ovata
1 - Nepenthes mira
1 - Nepenthes alata
1 - Nepenthes bongso
1 - Nepenthes truncata
1 - Nepenthes truncata "King & Queen"

1 - Nepenthes [veitchii x maxima]
1 - Nepenthes [lowii x campanulata]
1 - Nepenthes [(veitchii x lowii) x spectablis]
1 - Nepenthes [lowii x muluensis]
7 - Nepenthes "Hawaiian Sam's Poi Dog"
3 - Nepenthes "Song of Melancholy"
1 - Nepenthes "mastersiana"

1 - Nepenthes "miranda"

1 - Heliamphora [heterodoxa x minor]
8 - Heliamphora heterodoxa

4 - Cephalotus follicularis
1 - Cephalotus follicularis "Hummers Giant"

8 - Drosera capensis
2 - Drosera adelae
5 - Drosera aliciae

Plus the outdoor Flytraps and Sarracenia

Here's a photo album of my plants which I try to keep updated...
Welcome to terraforums!
Welcome to TF!
Welcome! another oregon cp grower!
Heya. Welcome, and nice collection :)
Welcome! im from Portland as well, but studying in nor Cal. Lewis and Clark is a beautiful campus. Were you able to visit Berry Botanic Gardens (right near your campus) before it closed down? I helped with their carnivorous plant displays there.
Welcome, another PNWer joins the ranks! :) I'm into herps as well, we've likely run into eachother at some point.
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Hi, welcome to TF!
I'm also from Portland, Oregon. Currently majoring in botany at PSU!
Nice growlist. :3
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rob where are u in oregon