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  1. curtisconners

    Good automatic mister.

    Good afternoon, reptile people of terraforums. My dad rigged up a cooling system for my crested gecko using a squirrel cage fan. It was just put there today and it's not fixed to anything yet, but it's working out pretty well. Here's the thing, though. It works on evaporative cooling and the...
  2. curtisconners

    I found something climbing glass Friday night.

    As the title says, I found my crested gecko moving earlier than he usually does. I had turned off the light early because we were going somewhere and we stayed until about 8:00 P.M. When we got home, he was at his food ledge and I took some photos. Enjoy. Sorry for the poor quality photos.
  3. curtisconners

    Mounting a bromeliad?

    Hey, terraforums. I want to mount a small bromeliad to some cork bark and add it to my gecko terrarium. Are they safe for crested geckos? Can bromeliads handle distilled water? I know that tillandsia can't take distilled water. Would a mounted bromeliad be ok being sprayed with distilled water...
  4. I

    Greetings from Czech republic :)

    Hello everyone :) My name is Mirek and I'm from Czech republic. I've been growing CPs for about two years, mostly VFTs like almost everybody :D I haven't thoroughly checked the whole forums, so I don't know whether you have such section here or not, but I have a pet leopard gecko as well :) He...
  5. adnedarn

    New Crested Gecko

    My son has wanted a lizard of some kind for 2+ years he even did a book report on Bearded Dragons last year. This was his visual aid to go along with that report: We held his birthday party this past weekend, and for that we got him a kritter keeper with a Crested Gecko book inside, and...
  6. Axelrod12

    I got some geckos

    These are the first reptiles I've ever owned. I went to the Reptile Expo in White Plains, NY yesterday and went home with 3 crested geckos that I did a naturalistic setup for and a leopard gecko, currently in a simple 10g setup. Male Harlequin, not the best shot: Female Flame: Female...
  7. O

    New from Missouri

    Hi, I just got a D. Capensis last months. It's my first-ever carnivorous plant. I bought it because it looks cool, nobody knows what they are (present company excluded) and it's a fantastic way to torture the hateful bugs my leopard gecko, Doc Connors, feeds upon. I have a deep abiding love of...
  8. CorneliusSchrute

    Sarrs for Leopard Geckos

    I figure there might be enough commonality of interest to give this a go. I raised a leopard gecko years ago and want to obtain one or two for my classroom. I have several nice (LARGE) Sarracenia, both species and hybrids, that I could trade. Additionally, I have something like 1600...
  9. TongueFlicker

    My Boy's Legacy & Extended Family..

    Belated sad news guys.. My one and only leopard gecko, Denver, passed away when i was at the last leg of my Asian tour :( My dad and sister was 'looking out' for him while I was away and unfortunately they both sucked at it -__- Here is his last photo I took before i left the next day...
  10. TongueFlicker

    Bow-fingered Gecko (Cyrtodactylus mamanwa)

    Hey guys it's me again.. You still remember my drunken snake dealer? The one who brought a bag of vipers, literally? Well lucky for me he hasn't forgotten about me during my 4-month absence. He had a deal someplace nearby so he decided to drop-by my new petplace and give me a welcome home gift...
  11. R

    Looking for Utric/Genlisea suggestions for underwater growth display

    I'm looking for a good single species to display in the setup below it. The temps for this one will be in the 65-75 range year and will not get any dormancy. I'm wanting to allow for space for flowers so a keep the stalk height in mind. Lighting will be provided by some LEDs I figure, so...
  12. T

    Pet Lizard Suggestions?

    When I have my own place, I'd like to get a lizard (I hate the word lizard, but reptiles is too broad a term). I'd like something that is intelligent. I once went to a reptile expo and saw a really smart looking lizard. When I came over he was checking me out and seemed to be aware of what was...
  13. Peatmoss

    Random pics from the last while

    Hey everyone, I've been away for a while because of school and travel and other stuff, the plants are still alive, but they don't look particularly exceptional, so I figured I'd post some pics from the last while. I'll start off with some pics from the Pittsburgh zoo: Snow Leopard by...
  14. BioZest

    My Leopard Gecko

    Hey guys I just found these pictures on my camera and thought you guys might like them. Here's my Leopard Gecko zeroing in for the kill: after the fatal strike: This is why I love my Geckos:-D
  15. adnedarn

    Found 3 today...

    While working in my back yard today I found 3 of these.... Banded gecko (is what I found online).. pretty neat looking guys. :) only had my phone, so you get what you get... enjoy, Andrew
  16. elgecko


    Went to feed the baby, and hold backs (one's I thought I may want to keep for myself for future breeding projects) Leopard Geckos and could tell right away something was seriously wrong. I opened up the cabinet doors and felt the heat just rolling out of the cabinet. Somehow the thermostat must...
  17. Wire Man

    Neps for a Gecko Terrarium

    I'm going to be redoing my Madagascar giant day gecko's terrarium soon. It's 55 gallons, gets misted daily. Are there any Nepenthes that would do well in a lowland terrarium of this size with a foot long lizard? Any other carnivores?
  18. A

    Andrew Schnell from Portland, Oregon

    Hey all, my name is Andrew Schnell, I'm a biology major at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon and in my senior year (almost done!). I've been keeping CPs for quite a while but have never been on the forums, but my main hobby is gecko breeding (lots of rare and cool species, just like...
  19. larry

    My crested gecko

    I've had him for a month now, still very shy. Hides all day, only comes out when the lights are out. It's fun holding him though, he's so soft :) I was thinking about breeding crested geckos, but if I never get to see them, I don't want to do it.
  20. larry

    Reptile super show

    I went to a LA Pet Fair - Reptile super show today at the Pomona Fairplex. Got to play with a crested gecko, must get one! http://www.flickr.com/photos/bigflytrap/sets/72157624676681204/detail/