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  1. elgecko

    Leopard Gecko Hatching pics & video

    Captured a Leopard Gecko hatching. <object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/HWpgOjAvUps&hl=en_US&fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  2. swords

    Living Clay background test

    Well I've been reading about this and finally decided to try it. This involves using Calcium Bentonite powder (from brickyards) or Sodium Bentonite (all natural kitty litter) mixed with water and sphagnum peat moss to make a thick mud spackle that goes on the tank wall and is kept wet. Plant's...
  3. Raven01000

    Success! Nepenthes Plus a Few Extras...

    Lately most of my plants have been sprouting pitchers and growing like crazy! My Nepenthes (and a few others) are on the windowsill in my room under a few fluorescent lights, and they have finally adapted to their new home! N. spectabilis x aristolochioides This is it's first pitcher since...
  4. Villosa

    My New leopard gecko

    My New leopard gecko. Nick
  5. DJ.Zany-NL-

    few question's

    ok here are a few question's ive been dieying to ask! my pitcherplant and nephentes 1.is it true that feeding them decreases their livespan? my Sundews 2.in 1 pot i got 3 sundews i think 1 is flowering but since it looks way to crowded i want te repot one or 2 in another pot, is this safe for...
  6. DJ.Zany-NL-

    Petition =]

    yo, my mom doesnt want me to get a gecko or a small lizzard/snake (havent made up my mind yet) but i'm soo desperate :Headwall: so here's my petition: Help this poor fella to get a gecko! sign here! and add a comment! :help::help::help:
  7. thepyro

    New Gecko

    I just got my first Gecko :-D My friend took that picture with his cell phone. Once it (I don't know what sex it is yet) wakes up I will snap a picture with my camera.
  8. moonflower

    Cool pictures from this week's Science Times

    I saw the gecko in the first image and was hoping that the rest of the slide show was also jungle-related; sadly it was not. But the gecko was cool enough that I had to share the link anyway (and the other stuff is neat too!) This guy has possibly the coolest eyes of any animal I've ever...
  9. Ozzy

    New reptile home

    I am practically finished with the new home I built for a few of my reptiles. It's over 6 feet tall, 2 1/2 feet sq. I have a number of reptiles living in it, golden gecko, water dragon, toads, eastern glass lizard and an anole that decided it liked this better than living in the wild...
  10. elgecko

    Leopard Gecko Pics

    Took some updated pics of some of my Leopard Geckos. My Male Tangerine. My female Tangerine. Female Tangerine that I will breed back to the male this year. Hatch her out in 06. Another Tangerine that I held back from last year. Female Bell Albino. I only had 2 Bell Albinos hatch out...
  11. P

    New to VFT-ing?

    Hey, I just recently (about 2 hours ago) bought a little set that came with seeds, the soil stuff, and some rocks, (along with a plastic gecko...). I was reading the instructions, and it sayed to "stritisfy" or something, in the fridge for about 8 weeks. But I read in other places its not...
  12. elgecko

    Leopard Gecko Babies - Pics

    Here are some of the new baby Leopard Geckos that have hatch in the last few days. Some Normal coloration. Some nice Jungle phases. And I was extremely happy to see this gal show up. I have a Bell Albino female and my male is supposed to be het for Bell Albino. (He shows normal...
  13. F

    Tokay gecko

    I am thinking of getting a Tokay gecko to put in my greenhouse to get my spider and bug problem down. It will live just find and does not eat plants or flowers. Please tell me what you think. Jeff
  14. J

    Philadelphia Reptile Expo

    This weekend is the Philly Reptile Expo at Valley Forge Covention Center in PA. anyone out there going. Elgecko?? Go to www.philadelphiareptileexpo.com. for a listing of vendors. I'm going with my daughter (dying to get a gecko) tomorrow at 10am.
  15. elgecko

    First baby

    When I bred my Leopard Geckos several years ago I never got any pictures of any babies hatching out of the egg. When ever I checked there would never be any in progress of hatching. I got home tonight and decided to check on my Tangerine Leopard Gecko eggs as they should be hatching any day now...
  16. C

    Wanted: Magnolia leaves

    Hi all! I am looking for dried (dead) magnolia leaves. I am looking for 100 or so. Please pm me if you have any. They are for a gecko enclosure. Thanks!
  17. Hans Breuer

    The Pitcher, the Hornet and the Gecko

    In the beginning, there was the Candystore from Hell. Then came the Hornet, lured by Sweet Death. Then came the Gecko, lured by the Hornet. Who will be lured by the Gecko?
  18. PlantAKiss


    HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAAAAAAY! Like the gecko says, I hope you get "pie...and chips" (whatever that is) and some new plants. Have a wonderful day!
  19. elgecko

    Male Tangerine Leopard Gecko pic

    Took some pics of my male SHTCT today while doing some work on his tank. enjoy
  20. T

    Leopard Gecko

    All of you have put pics on your little nice geckos. So now I am going to show you some pics of my little fatso :P