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  1. S

    MY Leopard Geckos

    High Yellow Female (Blaine)^ Normal Baby(Sparkx)^ Normal Male (Clyde)^ Tangerine Lavender Female (Tanzi) ^ hypo tangerine striped Baby (Zip)^ I also have an albino, a patternless, and another baby, but they are not pictured. Here are some of my other lizards Baby Yellow Acanthurus...
  2. elgecko

    2 more leopard geckos from the show

    Here are my 2 new additions to my Leopard Gecko family. The first is a male that is a Double Het for Albino and Patternless. The second lizard that I still can not believe that I spent the money on was a SHTCT (Super Hypo Tangerine Carrot Tail). Now I have to save up for a male.
  3. elgecko

    Leopard gecko update photos

    I took update shots of 3 of my 4 Leopard Geckos. Bell Albino when purchased. Now When purchased Now When purchased Now Hope you enjoy the update.
  4. T

    Hello, and you?

    So this looks like a good plant forums to be. Might I introduce myself. I'm Cassie, in Ohio. I'm 18 just graduating from a vocational school taking Horticulture. My main interest is animals which hope to go to college for. (I have 1 Beagle, 2 Rabbits, 2 Degus, 1 Chinchilla, 9 Mice, 1 Ameiva, 1...
  5. Ozzy

    Transporting reptiles

    As many of you know, I'm moving Saturday to NC. I have a long list of animals that I have to take with me. I have been thinking the best way to transport them but I can see problems with every way. I really don't want to lose any of the animals in this move. Here are the animals I will be...
  6. S

    Banded gecko gravid!

    One of my banded gecko pairs mated last night! eggs on the way!
  7. Y

    Can flying geckos swim?

    there is water in the lower part of my terrarium, with a little stream/waerfall, and i was wondering if my flying geckos (or any gecko, for that matter) could swim out if they accidently fell into it (though i dont see how they would, it is a slope, not a drop) here is a sketch of what im...
  8. K

    Leo still not eating.

    Can any one help me with this one? I have a female leopard gecko that had a partial obstruction which has now passed. She was also treated for parasites at the same time. She still refuses to eat much and is begining to lose weight fast. I have no idea why she will not eat. Her temps are fine...
  9. K

    My poor leo

    ok i took my leopard gecko to the vet the otherday and after an x-ray was taken it appears her stomach is swolen. we believe it may be a partial obstruction and he advised me to give her mineral oil twice a day(.1cc) The obstruction is likely due to calci-sand, which by the way is not digestable...
  10. herenorthere

    Do you keep crickets?

    I've been wanting a leopard gecko for some time, but can't bear the thought of frequent shopping for crickets or paying more to feed a lizard then I spend to feed the family.  So I'm wondering, how difficult is it to maintain a population of crickets? I've seen sources online that sell them by...
  11. B

    Borneo exotics' nursery photos

    As promised on another thread, I've been busy with my camera in the highlands over the past few days.  Finally whittled it down to about 30 or so photos which will be put onto a gallery on our website tomorrow but here's a selection: Here is the view from just inside the door of No. 5.  This is...
  12. D

    Day geckos and cps

    I recently got a gold dust day gecko and wanted to grow CPs in with it, he will grow up to 5 inches.  Will CPs pose a problem for him? They dont eat plants, so he wont be nibbling them.  I was thinking growing pings, drosera and maybe VFTs. Any thoughts? thanks, Shaye
  13. S


    My leopard gecko eggs didn't make it, but I have my bearded digging a burrow to lay HER eggs as we speak I can't wait, Edit: Add Picture
  14. Cindy

    Import permit and post entry inspection

    Hi fellow Singaporeans, Part 1 (is my "grievance" so if you don't want to read a LOOONG story, scroll down to part 2.) My story: I recently ordered a batch of potted neps online. I tracked them on Speedpost and found them detained. I couldn't tell if it was detained in the country of origin...
  15. S


    I have 6 Leopard gecko eggs!!! And I didn't believe they'd produce this year! WOW.. I was caught unaware, Hell I left my Incubator in San Jose and I can't get it till halloween, crap.. we'll see But I can expect some Albinos and some Patternless in these offspring.
  16. A

    My new pet & her cage...

    Here are some pics of My New Pet & Her New & Old Cage... You tell me if you think she's gunna like it... LOL! My Kidz named her... Buddy... LOL! Yup she's a girl with the Name Buddy... She is about a 2 yrs. old Leopard Gecko. Very tame & active! Buddy's face: Buddy side view: The Old Cage...
  17. NickHubbell

    Grape Vine Decoration beetles

    I purchased a sanded grape vine decoration for use in my gecko setup. I noticed several small black beetles (1/4 inch) with tear drop heads flying around the setup. Today, I noticed holes and dust on the grapevine wood. Anyone know what these might be and will they do damage to my house? Will...
  18. NickHubbell

    Gecko ID

    This little girl followed me home. I spend a couple of minutes chasing her around my walls. Anyway, can someone help me verify the id of this gecko? She is between 7-8 inches in length, including the head and tail. PS. I think its a female anyway.
  19. S

    What should I choose?

    I would like to breed some reptile or amphibian. What should I breed. I am going to the repticon reptile convention/expo in Miami and will be bringing something back!! But What? I saved up about 60 dolllars so that is the limit. I already have a leopard gecko baby named Bindi, a bearded dragon...
  20. Ozzy

    Night light for a gecko

    I bought a house gecko last week. I have him in my lowland plant room with my anoles and nepenthes. It don't have any windows and the only way any light can get in at night is throught the clear plastic door. Needless to say it's very dark in there at night. Since they are nocturnal do they need...