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  1. S


    My baby leo, Bindi is shedding all of it is gone except three of her toes. I tried to peel it off but she wont stay still. She soaked in her water but it isn't off. Also, my leopard gecko isn't eating. I got her on X-mas eve and she still hasn't ate except for her shedded skin. What do I do? She...
  2. FlytrapGurl

    What pets do you have?

    Post what pets you own other than your CPs! Here's my petlist... <span style='font-size:17pt;line-height:100%'>Dogs:</span> •1 male orange sable Pomeranian <span style='font-size:17pt;line-height:100%'>Reptiles:</span> •1 huge male Leopard Gecko <span...
  3. FlytrapGurl

    I'm leaving

    ...for twelve days! BWAHA did that get you as bad as Spec's? Okay, maybe not, but yeah, I'm gonna be gone for about twelve days. I'm leaving tonight at one in the morning for Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to visit someone. I should be back by the second Tuesday from now. I unfortunately won't...
  4. FlytrapGurl

    My Leopard Gecko Caresheet

    For all of you who are new to leos or need help with one you already have, I hope this helps. I spent a couple days writing and planning this on paper, so here goes. INTRO: Leopard Geckos (Eublepharis macularis) are a species originating in the desert areas of the Middle East. This species has...
  5. S

    You know you're a herper when....

    I'm sry I have to bring this up but I'm bored and have an hour to kill...... -you notice intrest rates have droped and atempt to refinance your pair of ball pythons. -you have to explian to your new girlfriend that having "herps" doesnt mean you have an s.t.d.. -you hand out cigars to the guys...
  6. F

    Small green gecko

    I want my four inch gecko to have a mate. How do I tell if it is a male or a female
  7. K

    Leopard gecko leaving strange wet spots?

    Recently my Leopard gecko started leaving wet spots around its cage. It has never done this before and i have no idea why it would start now. There is not solid matter in these spots, only a wet spot. Could this be nution? It only eats mealworms, could this be the cause. Could it be an infection...
  8. S

    New additions to my family!

    I recently aquired a Leopard gecko colony of 2 het for patternless a high yellow lavender all females plus a Rainwater albino male from a friend for $100 which I see as a cheap price considering their health, them coming with a tank and that they are all proven breeders As soon as I add...
  9. FlytrapGurl

    I'll be leaving (the state) tonight...

    Tonight around 9 : 00 I will be going off to North Carolina. I'll be gone about a week. I'm deeply planning on going to NCBG while I'm there. I'll be in Goldsborough. The relatives' house that I will be visiting has a computer, so I will still be able to log on occasionally, so I won't get too...
  10. S

    New show!

    OK...I got it 6th Annual Sacramento Reptile Show Sacramento Convention Center 1400 J. St August 2nd & 3rd 10am-4pm Info: 916-691-7387 Upsclrepsa@aol.com Services and Products For one weekend only, hundreds of reptiles and supplies at wholesale pricing. Vendors: Gecko Ranch, LLL Reptile...
  11. FlytrapGurl

    I bet y'all know exactly what i'm about to say....

    ***screeches and yells ''BUTTERWORT!!!''*** Yes, my friends, my friend bought me ANOTHER CP! A Butterwort! Well, I don't exactly have it yet... but soon today! She's bringing it over along with her CPs and her leopard gecko, all for ME to take care of while she's gone to Georgia! Anyhowees, I'M...
  12. S

    Nearly 50 pictures!

    Archer Fish (not mine) The back of my plant room: Capensis Flower: Classic Wrigleyana Phyllodia: (notice thedamage in the bottom of the pic) 2 foot gourami? (not mine) Leopard Gecko (not mine) Lionfish: (not mine) Lizard: (not mine) 4 foot savanna monitor?: (not mine) My Dog...
  13. L

    Leopard geckos!

    Hello all! I thoght it would be fun to start a topic devoted only to the (according to Reptiles magazine) most popular pet lizard/gecko. To me, she is like a dog, because she knows me sooo well! She comes out of her cave to see me everytime that I walk by, which is really cute! Her name is...
  14. Pyro

    Sad sad sad

    I am real down. Thursday my Tucson banded gecko passed on. He'd been with me 14 years and was a great and noble creature. I'm gonna miss him :'(
  15. voodoolizard

    Flying gecko

    With all the pics being posted lately I thought I would share A few too.....
  16. M

    Crested gecko

    One of my adults
  17. K

    Getting a leopard gecko

    I will be getting my first leopard gecko soon and i have research how to build a good home for it, but i was wondering what some good plants would be to put in their with it to make things look more interesting? I would prefer plant names not general families of plants. Thanks Ktulu
  18. V

    keeping giant mealworms alive

    i have been successful at keeping superworms alive...none of them had died, except by my gecko. but mealworms and giant mealworms seem to be dying like crazy...anyone know how to keep them alive, other than sticking it in the fridge? thanx
  19. V

    need to know a plant that grows VERY fast

    im thinking about building a little cage for my crickets (food for a leopard gecko), since the one i have is to small. for their food source, im looking for a plant that is safe enough to eat, and grows REALLY fast. theres gonna be about 100 crickets, and they eat a LOT. are there any common...
  20. V

    vft in gecko tank

    i have a leopard gecko in a 10 gallon tank/terrarium/wtv.. there is a water dish, which is about 3/4 inches deep. can i plant one of my vfts in there? since plant terraiums dont have drainage holes, im thinking that it would be ok to plant it in there. i have a flourescent light (18") on for...