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New from Missouri

Hi, I just got a D. Capensis last months. It's my first-ever carnivorous plant. I bought it because it looks cool, nobody knows what they are (present company excluded) and it's a fantastic way to torture the hateful bugs my leopard gecko, Doc Connors, feeds upon. I have a deep abiding love of any man-made flying machines with a particular focus on WWII. R/C aircraft is the newest extension of my aerial passion and by far the most expensive thing I do with my money. I also like computers, cars, girls and especially books. I've been an avid reader since I was five years old, when my mom introduced me to "BOB Books" and NatGeo, two reading experiences that shaped my life. Naturally I wasn't reading NatGeo to myself at five, but I liked seeing the words I learned tie-in with the pictures I saw.

That's all, folks!

Welcome to TF!