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Found 3 today...


I'm growing CPs in the Desert of Tucson, Az
While working in my back yard today I found 3 of these.... Banded gecko (is what I found online).. pretty neat looking guys. :) only had my phone, so you get what you get...


aww.. cute little buggers.
SOOO CUTE!!! :laaa:
eehhehehehe!! Tucson Banded Geckos, Coleonyx variegatus bogerti. I love those litltle guys! When you find the right areas, you'll find ttoooonnss of em.


Oh man, so cool!

It's so weird...it'd be so weird seeing those things *wild*...for whatever reason, the idea of them being wild and not just magic pet store animals is amazing.

Down here, when I see corn snakes and green anoles in the pet store, I'm like "lolz, ya'lls trying to sell stuff you picked up from out back." and there's no awe to it at all.

Awesome find!
Neat! Wish we had herps that sweet up here...
Send them my way....
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Those are so precious! While I don't keep them as pets, I consider myself a pretty hardcore herp enthusiast. You're so lucky to have those in your area!
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Cute buggers ya got there, Brie! Remind me of my little leo, rest her sweet reptilian soul.
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Reminds me of the Geico mascot with the Australian accent.
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I agree with Liz, it's strange to see them in the wild versus being in captivity.

Awesome lizards, I love it!