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New Crested Gecko


I'm growing CPs in the Desert of Tucson, Az
My son has wanted a lizard of some kind for 2+ years he even did a book report on Bearded Dragons last year. This was his visual aid to go along with that report:

We held his birthday party this past weekend, and for that we got him a kritter keeper with a Crested Gecko book inside, and taped photos of a gecko we purchased form JBsCresties to the sides... When he opened it, he said "I'm so close to getting one now!" where my wife explained to him we did buy him one... and the one in the photos (named Valer) is HIS gecko to be delivered on Wed. He was pretty excited about that =)

<iframe width="853" height="480" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/DUDHzvO_sOw" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Here are some photos taken just a few days ago by the breeder.

Thanks to SubRosa for the help in picking what lizard to go with as a first... We are really excited to get this guy in tomorrow!
Cute lil devil. Cresties are among those geks I'd like to do someday. Problem is that I'd worry about going away for any length of time (week or two) as I don't have anyone to look after it while I'd be away.
Cool, nice to see you went with a Crestie after-all! I assume you've seen that breeder's youtube videos? Really breaks down the care and handling into easy-to-understand tidbits. :)
Yes we have, I don't remember who suggested them, but I loved the video and website and that's why I decided to buy from her. She's very very responsive to emails too.
Super happy! I kept some many years ago. I've often thought about keeping them again.

Crested Geckos remind me of the Puckmarin species, from Flight Of The Navigator. Check it:

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Very cool! I'm a snake guy personally, but when I eventually get the space I'm certain to add a few lizards to the repertoire as well...
Arrived on time!


Box contents form and extra label

Care package... Food (same that we bought), card, and adjustment instructions

Reading adjustment instructions to the family

He is in there!

He was under the paper towels

He jumped off Caiden landing on the enclosure right away so no photo of him holding Valer. About 1 week to adjust to his new home first...
Lol aww his face was priceless lol in the video :D

The lizards a cute lil thing <3 he'll love it their great pets.
Congrats on the new addition.

P.s : in the video i laughed hearing "..what the hell is his name again?!?" lol lol :)
Yeah, she didn't know I was recording it. :p
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Last night while misting down the enclosure and changing out the food to fresh stuff he decided he wanted to come say hi!

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There might be now if adendarn sees your request. I wonder if he knows that cresties can live to be 15-20 years old with good care. That kid will most likely still be careing for that lizard in college. It's a nice little gecko.
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