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  1. MPX_78

    CP's for Everyone?

    Would you be interested if I was to make a system that can provide ideal conditions for any care intensive/condition sensitive species, or make it easy enough to save a poor Walmart VFT that someone with no prior experience could? Features could include humidity sensing, programmable photo...
  2. MPX_78

    Time for plan B?

    ever since I have gotten it, My spatulata has been very picky, and has not been looking very good.... well, ever really. It being my first plant, I was bound to make some mistakes, but I want to make sure I don't make one final one and end up finishing it off. What I'm trying to get to is this...
  3. Plant Heathen

    Hello from CT

    Hello everyone! I'm new to the forum and new to carnivores plants. It all started with a purple picture plant and snowballed from there. I got a kit from lowes with a Ft and a picture plant in it. I know not the best choice but I wanted to give growling some from scratch a shot. I'm not sure if...
  4. K

    Care for Mexican butterwort

    I currently have two Mexican butterworts gigantea and red leaf or flower I was wondering what condition they thrive in my gigantea seems to be lacking. Growth and declining and my red leaf seems to be in succulent phase leaves are all clump together life a rosette ...
  5. raycer491

    cuneifolia, nana, & banksii seed germination

    I need care pointers on all three of these species, especially on seed germination which is pertinent at the moment. I recently got seeds of them and I'm up for a challenge! Thank you all, I appreciate the help, Carson
  6. tmurphy44870

    Nepenthes pics

    Some pics I had of the robcantleyi since I bought it about 7 months ago. The day of And after I cleaned it up. You can imagine I was kinda bummed I paid $200+ for it. Don't get me wrong, if I get a plant a little undersized oh well. It'll get there eventually. Truth be told I'm luck to have...
  7. I

    New in the carnivorous world

    Hi all, You know how when you visit Ikea you always return with things that weren't on your shopping list? Well a few months ago I went to Ikea and came home with a Venus fly trap. My ignorance nearly killed it, but with some research I've managed to keep it alive and I was even rewarded with...
  8. J

    Pinguicula Caerulea care

    Hello, yesterday I picked up a pinguicula Caerulea, it's my first ping and I could really use some tips to keep it alive. I know it's a warm temperate species, and that I need to use distilled, RO, or rain water only. I'm in zone 9b on the west coast and I'm not sure if it needs to be grown...
  9. S

    Why is it important to water Dendrochilum from the bottom rather than from overhead?

    I just acquired a Dendrochilum (unknown species) division. I've been searching on google for care instructions and many sources say that Dendrochilum should be watered from the bottom, and not the top. Why is this? I know that some orchids are very sensitive to water in the leaf axils and are...
  10. Y

    Drosera rubrifolia

    I could not find any information about how to care? Does anybody know ideal conditions for this plant? Temperature, Humidity, etc... Thanks
  11. P

    New Pitcher Plants

    Here is Nepenthes burbidgeae x campanulata: IMG_20160930_171516_996 by viper8stuff, on Flickr And N. (aristolochiodes x ventricosa) x vogelii Thanks to a recent trade :) IMG_20160930_171446_195 by viper8stuff, on Flickr IMG_20160930_171458_291 by viper8stuff, on Flickr If you have any care...
  12. Zath

    I like toitels.

    Got incredibly lucky yesterday, and found this little guy struggling to get across four lanes of highway. How he made it as far as he did is a miracle. Tbh I didn't even know what it was when I saw it in the car. I've never seen a turtle this small, and thought it was a particularly slow lizard...
  13. I

    Tillandsia Aeranthos help...

    Hello all. I'm new here. About 10 months ago I received as a gift a tillandsia aeranthos attached to a ceramic skull. I watered it every week or so, with hard water, overnight anywhere from 1-3 days depending on if I would remember to pull it out. It has also been in my kitchen the entire...
  14. Swagalotus

    Nepenthes lowii

    Giving away this small/medium nepenthes lowii. This is a TC clone from Native Exotics which has proven to be very vigorous. It has doubled in size in my care in only a few months, which is especially surprising since it experienced ultralowland conditions all summer long. I am sure that a...
  15. W

    Plant paparazzi!

    If you are a plant paparazzi and would like your pictures in free to distribute online care sheets... Please let me know... I'm helping a friend with this project and would be nice to have some decent quality pictures and not stinky selfies. Information is also appreciated on how to care certain...
  16. Benurmanii

    Pinguicula chilensis seeds

    I've recently harvested quite a few P. chilensis seeds. These are pretty darn fresh, the last batch I harvested 7 days ago, and the most recent batch I harvested about 2 days ago. In my experience, these are a very easy species to germinate, much like lusitanica. If you're interested in trading...
  17. cwatson1414

    Paphiopedilum supersuk "Eureka" AM/AOS x Paph Raisin Pie "Hsinying") x Sib tips

    Paphiopedilum supersuk "Eureka" AM/AOS x Paph Raisin Pie "Hsinying") x Sib tips So I picked up an impulse-buy plant (Or rather resist the impulse for several weeks and finally succumb.) It's a Paphiopedilum orchid. I have done poorly with a few Phalenopsis early in my growing, but feel ready to...
  18. cwatson1414

    Paphiopedilum supersuk "Eureka" AM/AOS x Paph Raisin Pie "Hsinying") x Sib tips

    Paphiopedilum supersuk "Eureka" AM/AOS x Paph Raisin Pie "Hsinying") x Sib tips So I picked up an impulse-buy plant (Or rather resist the impulse for several weeks and finally succumb plant.) It's a Paphiopedilum orchid. I have done poorly with a few Phalenopsis early in my growing, but feel...
  19. SerMuncherIV

    What 2 Weeks Without Nighttime Cooling Does to Highlanders

    Or, what I like to respond when people ask, "How was your vacation?" These plants were kept in my highland terrarium for 2 weeks while I was away. Everything is automated except for watering - which I took care of before leaving - and nighttime cooling, which I do using ice packs. The night...
  20. A

    Neps for Small Spaces

    Neps for Small Spaces (With Photos!) Think of a one-room studio apartment in the city, a small office in a tall building, a cramped college dorm room, and the Tiny-House Movement! Now you are ready to think of Neps for Small Spaces. In this thread we are looking for plants that: 1) Have...