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Hello, yesterday I picked up a pinguicula Caerulea, it's my first ping and I could really use some tips to keep it alive. I know it's a warm temperate species, and that I need to use distilled, RO, or rain water only. I'm in zone 9b on the west coast and I'm not sure if it needs to be grown outside and given a dormancy with most of my other plants, or if I should keep it indoors in a windowsill or under a light. Right now I have it in a half inch of water in a south/southeast facing window with my Ventrata and capensis until I can find out more about it. Any other tips or info you can give me on it would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

it is a subtropicaleUS ping inhabitant in open pine forests, sandy to sandy-wet turbo.

I use this substrat river sand+ peat 70/30 ,a good light , with always 18-20°c , no dormancy for them

unlike planifolia, primuliflora, ionantha; avoid too wet substrate, like pumila and lutea , otherwise it would eventually rot

watering with rain water by the top .

I keep mine in a rather wet mix: 50/50 peat and pumice. Never had any problems despite weeks of rain and overcast. Same for my lutea, some actually have sat in water for weeks and they have not rotted. But perhaps it just has to do with my specific climate.
Here's a picture I took of it yesterday morning Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
I've been growing it indoors with bright, indirect light, standing in a 1/4th inch of water. I only add more water once all the water is gone. I Love the goo droplets on the bottom of the leaves. I'm Glad I've been able to keep it alive this long, I was so worried I was going to kill it. Hopefully I can get it to flower for me.