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  1. KaijuEmily

    Newly reborn carnivorous plant nerd

    Well, I just received a new carnivorous plant as a house warming present from my parents. I have had past expirience with Venus fly trap, and cobra lillies. But when we saw the mysterious Nepenthes pitcher plant, we just couldn't leave it behind! I have drooled on them before at an exotic...
  2. R

    New from California

    Hello, Recently became curious about carnivorous plants. I had a pitcher plant once and it died because I didn't know how to take care of it. I've been in the aquarium hobby for many years and right now have 2 planted tanks. 5 gallon and 40 gallon. hoping to learn a lot here.
  3. Zath

    Nepenthes Grab Bag (Intermediate)

    I'll be honest...these plants are suffering under my care. I just don't want them around anymore, and that has led to me forgetting to water them, etc. They look pretty pitiful, but as far as I can tell, they're still alive. This will be a mish-mash of various hybrids (mostly ventricosa...
  4. J

    Care Questions

    Hi, i was looking at buying a few plants next week, and I'd like to try a Venus flytrap again, as the one i had last year did not do well(too little light I'm thinking). This year I know more about what im doing and im ready to give it another shot, but i have a few questions.... 1) Light- my...
  5. curtisconners

    Soil mix for n. "lady luck"

    Hey, all. I have recently acquired an n. "lady luck" and it's in a bio dome with a 1/2" plug of soil in it. Naturally, I want to re-pot it. What is the optimal soil mix for this cultivar? Any other care tips for n. "lady luck" are also appreciated.
  6. PhilipS

    Care for Carnivorous Plants in the Desert

    Seeking advice for Carnivorous plants, outside on the porch. Its time to repot the baby Sundews. Can they go outside? 4-6 hours of East sunshine. Plants will stay under a roof. Outside humidity is 10% and highs are triple digits. I have vinyl window boxes 8" deep with 2" reservoir to hold...
  7. fredg

    Three shelves down but we don't care

    This is the third shelf down ( one from bottom, if you wish) of a mini-growtent placed on the Northwestern side of the Darlingtonia House. The inhabitants appear to be quite comfortable. For those interested, the display on the thermometer is the root (medium) temperature. Pinguicula...
  8. nimbulan

    Poi Dog Nepenthes

    This was my first Nepenthes that I bought to see how well I could grow one. As I discovered, like most CPs, the difficulty of growing them is exaggerated and I have acquired several others since but have never positively identified this one. So have at it, Nepenthes experts! Pitchers are...
  9. fredg


    These are macros of some of the plants that have appeared in a Cephalotus pot of a few years maturity. Would anyone care to identify them all and should I add them to a growlist? :-D
  10. R

    Neglected tank

    Well here is what happens when I half take care of my tank. We are working on getting it back into better shape. Just thought it was interesting. DSC_0370 by randallsimpson, on Flickr DSC_0371 by randallsimpson, on Flickr DSC_0372 by randallsimpson, on Flickr DSC_0373 by randallsimpson, on...
  11. Alexkrein82

    Free orchids!

    Hello everybody! I have been collecting orchids for fair amount of time now and love every single one, that being said I about a year ago got a sarracenia purpurea from a friend and fell hard for cps too. I recently did a little spring cleaning so to speak and tried to free up some space. I...
  12. The Plant

    The Plant: Artwork & Imagery

    - From the Great Jungles to the Vast Plains to the Ethereal Mountains - Hi, this is sorta my introduction to these forums. My name is Benyamin, I'm from The Netherlands. I used to have a pretty nice collection of the crazy monsters amongst the peaceful leafs. :) About ten years ago my...
  13. curtisconners

    Is a cross between D. Capensis and D. Filiformis x tracyi possible?

    I won a D. Filiformis x tracyi at the nasc auction and I already own 3 capensis "giant" and I was wondering if a cross between the two is possible. I doubt it is, but I thought that I would ask. If it is possible, how would I care for it? Thanks in advance.
  14. curtisconners

    N. Peter D'amato cultivation?

    Hey all. I recently found out about the nepenthes hybrid 'Peter D'amato' and was wondering how difficult it is to care for. I know that it's a cross between lowii and ventricosa and thought that it's ventricosa genes might mean that it's fairly easy to care for. Anyone who grows this hybrid...
  15. A

    Damaged Venus Flytrap

    Yesterday I received a Venus Flytrap in the mail. It arrived a bit beat up. Besides proper light, and sitting in a water filled tray, is there anything I can do to help this plant? Should I attempt to feed it's only open trap? I haven't had a VFT in many years (and when I did, I didn't know...
  16. bloks1995

    Need help with ampullaria variety

    I've had this N. ampullaria in my care for a while, but I don't know what variety or cultivar it is, if it even is one. I ask because I took several cuttings earlier and the id is now important if I trade these once they root. Hopefully these pictures are enough. Thanks
  17. Flip_Side_the_Pint

    My Cephalotus collection

    I have a small collection of cephalotus. The problem is though I tend to pay more attention to my nepenthes and so my ceph s get neglected. They seem to be doing ok but I have decided to take better care of them starting now. Usually I don't check them or water them for weeks at a time, but they...
  18. carolatcj

    Hesperaloe parviflora (Red Yucca) Offshoot from my mother plant approx 12" (no bids)

    Hesperaloe parviflora (Red Yucca) Offshoot from my mother plant approx 12" (no bids) Hesperaloe parviflora (Red Yucca) Offshoot from my mother plant Easy to grow, relatively no care The plant you will receive is approx 12" tall, and will be dug and shipped bareroot on day of shipping Bidding...
  19. Zath

    *PAID* Decorative Tree-Stump Planter (aerogrower $35)

    Due to time constraints, I'm opening this item for bids in an unfinished state. However, I've tried to get it to a point to where you can clearly see what it will be like once finished. I will post update photos as it gets further along, but it will still take several days. That being said...
  20. 3

    *PAID* Sarracenia purpurea var. venosa (RSS $12)

    I have a small S. purpurea var. venosa up for auction. Bidding starts at $2. USA only. To show my support for the NASC, I will pay for shipping if the final bid is $10 or more. Plant will be shipped bare-root with care, through the USPS. This plant was recently purchased from a local nursery...