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Care for Carnivorous Plants in the Desert

Seeking advice for Carnivorous plants, outside on the porch.

Its time to repot the baby Sundews.

Can they go outside? 4-6 hours of East sunshine. Plants will stay under a roof.

Outside humidity is 10% and highs are triple digits.

I have vinyl window boxes 8" deep with 2" reservoir to hold water.

I plan to use a 5 gallon bucket or small barrel and plumb drip system.

Thanks in advance.
I remember someone in Tx (I think) doing CPs on a patio, but he did work to help close in humidity and keep the dry air out (run some searches the posts are here somewhere). I tried once to grow a Sarr. outside in a mini bog type of thing (south side of GH) and the Sarr grew, but I wouldn't say it did great.


I've not really tried to grow any outside since I have the greenhouses, so I really can't help you out. But I have tried from time to time to toss one in the kitchen window (faces north east) and I'm not sure if it is forgetting to water it regularly or just the poor conditions but they never really seem to do well. Although I always chicken out and throw them back into the greenhouse, so maybe I'm just not giving them enough time to adapt. But I really feel like they're on the decline and not adaption mode when I move them back.
Please keep track of what you do and if you have success or not and share it with us!
Good luck,
Thanks for your reply.

Too late this year, to acclimate some babies. I'll sow some seeds next Winter and try it out.

Meanwhile, I can get shelves and pots to separate the forest of young Sundews.