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- From the Great Jungles to the Vast Plains to the Ethereal Mountains -


this is sorta my introduction to these forums. My name is Benyamin, I'm from The Netherlands. I used to have a pretty nice collection of the crazy monsters amongst the peaceful leafs. :) About ten years ago my collection was at its peak, and my special interest for the tropical species led me to have some interesting plants that I took care of with a passion. Circumstances made me stop with the hobby, and now, ten years later, I feel like taking another shot.

Even though my conscious mind wasn't occupied with thoughts about these beautiful plants in that break, my subconscious mind was; I had dreams of jungles and woods where I was looking for these plants, or just wondering about, and often I found some scattered in my dreamscapes!

I used to own a camera and take pictures of a lot of stuff; also my carnivorous plants, but unfortunately it broke a long time ago; one of the most common errors for that specific camera that coincidentally wasn't supported by that company - haha. I feel like having my camera fixed to snap a couple of pictures again. What isn't broken is my pencil. I used to draw when I was a bit younger and lately I've picked that up as well. The combination of nature, drawing and photography is a magical thing to me.

So, in this thread I will share some artwork with you guys, for now just drawings. In the future photographs of my collection and set-ups as well. I am thinking about selling/trading some of this stuff in the future if people are actually interested (not offering right now). Otherwise, no worries, it's fun to me and I can just make some drawings for family, friends and/or my room. :)

Feel free to post pictures of your favorite plant(s) you want to see a sketch off!

* In May I'm going to build a highland terrarium in my room, I have some cool ideas for a set up and I'm looking forward to show ya'll and create artwork with it as well!

Have a great day, one love

(note: I work with photoshop as well to give cool effects to my sketches)

16-4-2016 - Heliamphora

Heliamphora Drawing 2 by Benyamin Linus, on Flickr

17-4-2016 - Heliamphora

Heliamphora Drawing 3 by Benyamin Linus, on Flickr

17-4-2016 - Nepenthes ampullaria

Nepenthes Ampullaria Drawing by Benyamin Linus, on Flickr

18-4-2016 - Nepenthes jamban

Nepenthes Jamban Drawing by Benyamin Linus, on Flickr

21-4-2016 - Nepenthes mikei (Black&White)

Nepenthes Mikei Drawing by Benyamin Linus, on Flickr

21-4-2016 - Nepenthes mikei (Coloured)

Nepenthes Mikei Drawing xx by Benyamin Linus, on Flickr

25-4-2016 - Tepui

Tepui Drawing by Benyamin Linus, on Flickr


Currently taking these photos with the camera on my phone, soon with a good camera

25-4-2016 - This will by my lowland area. There is a boiler in that room which keeps the temperature up in the winter. Just gotta figure out proper humidity/additional lighting in the winter, and all the good stuff. For now this is my main growing area so I'm mixing it up. The temperatures of spring allow for that.

Setup View 25-4-2016 by Benyamin Linus, on Flickr

Setup 25-4-2016 by Benyamin Linus, on Flickr

25-4-2016 - Capensis alba - Currently just have some easy going carnivorous species. :)

Capensis alba 25-4-2016 by Benyamin Linus, on Flickr

25-4-2016 - Drosera tokaiensis Forgot to put the flash off on my phone, gave a cool effect haha

Drosera 25-4-2016 by Benyamin Linus, on Flickr

28-4-2016 - D. capensis alba

D. capensis alba - 28-4-2016 by Benyamin Linus, on Flickr

28-4-2016 - Drosera Identification - tokaiensis, cheers hcarlton!

Drosera Identification by Benyamin Linus, on Flickr
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Welcome to terraforums. :welcome:

Those sketches are amazing! keep up the good work.
Hey man, thank you, very much appreciated!

* Added an image of a Tepui (it's a mixture of my sketching and photoshopping)!
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Nice. Have you tried drawing vft's?
Nope, haven't done that yet. It'll be my next one - stay tuned ;)

* Added some pictures today of my setup/current plants. - This is before it gets out of hand ;p
If you're like most people on here, myself included, it won't be too long until it's "out of hand."
That last Drosera is tokaiensis, definitely not intermedia. Very interesting art style, it's not something I've seen before.
Hey, I looked it up and you're absolutely right, it's not an intermedia. I guess my knowledge is a bit rusty. It definitely look like a tokaiensis, are you 100% positive it is? Then I'll tag it as such. Thanks
A top-view picture would help make certain of what it is, but that's the most commonly sold Drosera and it gets mislabeled as everything under the sun.
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Yeah, most carni plants in standard garden centres over here don't even come with a proper tag. I got this one from a friend and he got it from a standard centre. As requested the picture from above added to my first post. Didn't mess around with the brigthness and contrast too much like I usually do, so the image is neutral for identification. I'm pretty sure you're right it's a tokaiensis - really want to be certain though, I want to be very on point with labeling, just a habit.

Thanks again.

* Added another shot of my capensis alba, what an unstoppable growth. It's really common but still a very cool plant.
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It's definitely tokaiensis.

Oh, also: careful adding all your photos to just one post; eventually you'll run out of room in the post (it only allows like 60 photos max on here) and it will make the page really long....
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Hey man, thanks for the help, now I can properly label the plant!

Yeah you might be right on adding to the first post, I'll just drop images as replies.
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Ah I'm psyched, I finally received the H. heterodoxa x minor I ordered some time ago. The plant came through nice and well. Lots of root systems, healthy looking pitchers and colours. I carefully potted the plants in nice and spacey pots and used a mixture of sphagnum and perlite. Watered them with some purified water to let the roots settle in. Really cool that they have some adult pitchers going on as well! - One of 'm is finalizing its process. Lets see if I can give them a smooth transition!

29-4-2016 - Heliamphora heterodoxa x minor, arrival

- H. heterodoxa x minor - 29-4-2016 Arrival by Benyamin Linus, on Flickr

- H. heterodoxa x minor - 29-4-2016 Arrival 2 by Benyamin Linus, on Flickr

- H. heterodoxa x minor - 29-4-2016 Arrival 3 - Small by Benyamin Linus, on Flickr

- H. heterodoxa x minor - 29-4-2016 Arrival 4 by Benyamin Linus, on Flickr
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