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Dec 19, 2015
Portland, OR
I've recently harvested quite a few P. chilensis seeds. These are pretty darn fresh, the last batch I harvested 7 days ago, and the most recent batch I harvested about 2 days ago. In my experience, these are a very easy species to germinate, much like lusitanica. If you're interested in trading, I'm sending packets of about 15 seeds, which should give you plenty of this beautiful and rare species. I notice that these guys like a 1:1 mix of lfs and perlite, but I believe that milling the lfs is best, or at least chopping it up a bit.

In regards to things I'm interested in, I'm looking for Pinguicula species (plant, seed, or any other propagule), especially non-mexican ones. The species I am most specifically looking for are these:
P. pumila
P. ionantha (I am not sure if this can be shipped across borders though)
P. villosa (I know this is a long-shot)
P. antarctica (another long shot)

I'm also interested in South American Drosera, tropical African Drosera, Utrics, and Genlisea :)

Be sure to pm me if you're interested, and have any questions on care for this species!