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Nepenthes pics

Some pics I had of the robcantleyi since I bought it about 7 months ago.

The day of

And after I cleaned it up.

You can imagine I was kinda bummed I paid $200+ for it. Don't get me wrong, if I get a plant a little undersized oh well. It'll get there eventually. Truth be told I'm luck to have one. Just wish it looked abit nicer for that much.

Two months in


Worth noting that pitcher did not grow in my care. It finished opening and matured for me though.

Five months and the first pitcher made in my care.


Present day...


I feel kinda proud. [emoji4]
Very nice plant. While 200 is a large number it isn't too bad for a N. robcantleyi. They still aren't the most common plant around, especially at that size. If it grows anything like truncata you can expect it to continue making large gains in size with each new leaf now.
Incredible leaf jumps. And grows much faster for the most part than I've heard. At this point I'm starting to wonder where to put it.
Nice plant, love the big fat leaves.

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