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  • Well my plants are doin Pretty good. My nep is starting to pitcher slowly. Probably shocked it cause I threw it in my gh when I got it. All my other plants are growing like crazy. At least my nep has a lot of foliage growth. If I get a Lot of new pitchers good. If it dies I will try again next year . But it's still early in the season and I got a nep Miranda for like 20 bucks cause it was dying. It's come back with a quickness. I will see what happens. Happy growing!
    This forum already has a DIY section :p :

    Greenhouses, Terrariums and Bog Gardens
    Maintenance, Care, Building, etc.
    Awesome, If it works out let me know. I dont have any outdoor access in my apartment, but my girlfriend's dad's house has a nice back yard, and i may try growing some there haha
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