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N. bongso pollen available.

I have N. bongso pollen avail if anyone is interested in making a cross, or another bongso would be ideal. Split the pods 40/60, 60 to the pod bearer?
So no one has a female they're willing to breed with my N. bongso? He's a stand up guy, great manners, respects his elders, comes from a good family.
I certainly would if I had any flowers. N. bongso is a nice species, unfortunately I didn't manage to root the cutting I had.
I have a female x ventrata that's been in spike for a few weeks. I've never pollinated a nep before though...

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I also have a female (I'm 85% sure its female, its flowered before, but I forgot to label it) ventrata with 6+ spikes with the first flowers just a few weeks out. If you can't find any other matches, I can give it a try, assuming I can work past a few minor logistics issues.