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Formerly known as Pineapple
I recently harvested the seed pods from my N. ventricosa x talangensis. They were pollinated with N. x 'Melvino' pollen... So the cross is N. (ventricosa x talangensis) x (spathulata x bongso) harvested from my greenhouse 1/26/14...

My specific N. ventricosa x talangensis: http://i46.tinypic.com/16j3429.jpg
N. x 'Melvino' exactly resembling mine: http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g30/Leilani_10/May 2013/DSCF1615.jpg



What I'm interested in:

- Freshwater aquarium plants (anything cool or colorful, baby tears, offer me anything) <-- Very interested
- Nepenthes (highland/intermediate, any size, bigger = more pods)
- Slipper orchids (or anything cool/unusual)
- Other Nepenthes seeds or seedlings
- Freshwater fish (as long as you're in a warmer climate and can ship)
- Small freshwater shrimp (not feeders)
- Live fish food cultures
- Anything else you have to offer, give it a shot
Have you verified that there are viable embryos in those pods? Something you might want to check before you send out loads of seed. Two out if every three crosses I've made had no viable seeds inside the pods.
Yeah, I just opened two of the pods and most of the seeds have dark bumps around the center. On some it is less apparent, but there is still a raised/slightly-bulging area.
Still up for offer -- I'd like to ship them out by the end of February at latest so that they're as viable as possible.
Still up for trade! Aquatic plants are still my #1 thing on the list. :D
I might have a few aldrovanda for trade
Many pods still available. Still mainly interested in aquatic plants, preferably ones that can be planted in the substrate (not floating).
I need to get rid of my aquariums, so I have a lot of Java fern, Ludwigia ovalis, a few Anubias barteri var. nana, and Marimo.
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I have never grown a Nepenthes. What type of care would this plant require? Does this plant need cold or hot temps?
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Still seed pods available! They'll be sown by the end of February if I don't trade them.

Nepenthes are warm-growing tropical plants. There's tons of care info for seeds/adults on Google. If you're interested in knowing how I sow these, I have a video showing how I do it...

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I'll probably sow them within the next few weeks. Last chance!

I don't need aquatic plants so much anymore, but am open to offers. I would absolutely die for guppies (preferably established breeding line, not petco kind) or enlders (N or K class or wild-type, preferably an establish breeding line).

Offer anything you have, though. Doesn't hurt. :)
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I may go ahead and sow these by Monday because I don't want to lose viability. I'll post here once they've be sown, so until then, they're still up for trade.
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I have some baby cape sundews not worth much but I would like to try nepenthes seeds check out my grow list
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I sent a PM but never heard back . . .
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Last minute bump, I may sow them later today if I have time. If they are sowed, I'll update the topic.
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I've been super busy but will try to sow these soon (by Sunday)... So this is the last few days of this offer. :)